KLM Crown Lounge Schengen Area Amsterdam Airport

The KLM Crown Lounge Schengen Area Amsterdam Airport is located at the second floor of the departure area of the Schengen departure area. You can have access to the lounge free of charge just by obtaining a Skyteam elite or elite plus status with one of the airlines, or you can just pay 25 Euro to enjoy everything there.

The check in desks now are manned with staffs that doing the check in manually, however, I have read from their inflight magazines, a new auto-mated check in machines is underway to replace their human staffs that are manning at the desk all the time, just like what SAS did for all of their lounges to cut down costs.

The amazing thing with this lounge is that the amount of seating spaces available, although you can’t compare them with Lufthansa lounges, they do offer a selection of things that meets some of the basic needs for business travellers.

The lounge is equipped with showers just beside the restrooms.

They have amazing amount of seating arrangements which suits all kind of needs depends on the travel group.

Here you can see there’s a smoking lounge with multiple times closed for cleaning, it’s quiet smart of them to not make their smoking lounge looks like filled with smoke or fog from the outside.

You can see that the office tables equipped with computers are spread around the area, however it could be a problem as whoever walks through can see what you are doing and surfing through.

You can have a view into the departure hall directly from the lounge which is quiet nice as you don’t have to hear the noisiness down there.

You can have access to almost all kinds of office work you need to do while travelling as they offers printing machines and fax machines for the traditional kind and the abundant selection of newspaper they offer is also quiet impressive.

The drinks selection is decent and up to standards for Business class passengers and are delicately presented throughout the counter.

It’s also very smart of them to include their national beer Heineken.

It would be amazing if they could do something up a notch with their catering options as the decent food they provide is quiet cheaply cooked and doesn’t seem to raise your appetite.

One of the cool features inside this KLM lounge is that it’s that they have a completely quiet news room where the TV doesn’t really give off sound but when sit down and lay back you can hear everything is broadcasting from the speaker next to your ear built inside the sofa. Very thoughtful and details-orietated.

Bottom Line:

KLM lounge is the best lounge you can find at Amsterdam airport, so it’s very useful to have access to it just by having a Skyteam elite card. They might be relatively low-scored compare to other European flagship carriers, but they don’t featured any first class products so it would still be okay for the quality they have now.

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