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Lufthansa treats their own frequent flyers and star alliance frequent flyers quiet differently, for example, if you are travelling on first class in and out of Frankfurt, you can’t use their senator lounge because is reserved for their first class and senator status holder only. You would be end up with the business class passengers and others who’ve used their frequent flyer status to get in the lounge for free, not to mention, the amenities is quiet different.

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I was holding a business class ticket travelling within the EU, so my ticket was entitled to both Business Class lounge and Senator Lounge, and those 2 lounges are next to each other although the entrance are quiet a way to walk to.

The business class lounge has many nice features as a good business class lounge should have.

They offer a charging station there which supports like almost all kinds of phones and tablets, but they would only charge it for 15 mins, yet you can get it back as long as you please. You can set a digital code to lock your drawer.

The picture above shows the working area which you can work with you computers without being seen by too many people, hehe.

Here you have a phone booth area which you can lean on it to talk inside a semi-private block on the side, it’s quiet handy for people to use although I didn’t see a single person use it when I was there for like 5 hours.

They put very nice German elements into the lounge in a professional way, so it doesn’t get turned into German Tourist Market especially for Business travellers. The food and drink is very very nice I wish I could get back there as I am writing this. Another thing about catering inside the Business Lounge is that they have some hidden menus like cup noodles which you can only get it when you ask for it, and the nice staff will even show you ways to get hot water for it, very very thoughtful.

You have many drinking options from soft drinks, a variety of tea selection and most specially the german beers. You probably also see those after eight mint chocolates.

The view outside the huge window is also nice as you can see most of Lufthansa’s fleet right outside.

The German sausages, and breads with some sauces behind it, very nice !

World Clocks is quiet iconic at many places like airports and hotels.

Lufthansa’s very own frequent flyer shops can be purchased both by Euro and Miles, that’s very nice they sort of showcase it, but hardly anyone lays eyes upon them anymore.

Food selections again, salad bar and more of those, you know, German sausages.

They displayed twice the drinking counters or maybe even three times which I can’t confirm with pictures now so put in words it’s that they’ve placed it at several places at the lounge so it could be easy to reach for business travellers.

At the time I was at the lounge, it’s extremely crowded and busy so I don’t wanna people feel annoyed for taking pictures that includes them so here’s the only one I’ve got , but they do have ample seating areas and different kind of settings which is very spacious and nice.

They also offer showers and luggage storage if you are wondering if they have it since I didn’t feature it.

Bottom Line:

Lufthansa Business Class is very nice to spend time at if you are using them via their frequent flyers status, but for first class passengers and business class passengers, it could be a bit unfair or confusing if you are using the old sense of just staying at Business Lounge, Lufthansa has this very complicated rules for their own and other airlines’ travellers, so it could occur that you are not where you should be but it’s still good enough compared to many other airlines. It’s amazing how airlines kept efforts into this so we travellers can truly feel appreciated.

Let me know your experiences at Frankfurt Lounges.


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