Norwegian Wants To Fly From 7 Big European Cities To Argentina

It is said on and Check-in.DK that a direct route from Copenhagen to Buenos Aires is among 7 other European destinations that Norwegian has applied for the Argentinian authorities to fly to from Buenos Aires.

Norwegian chief Bjørn Kjos, on his way out of a Norwegian plane after arriving in Brussels. Photo: Gunnar Lier

Norways Argentine subsidiary, Norwegian Air Argentina, has applied for permission to fly from Buenos Aires to London Gatwick, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, New York-JFK, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Tel Aviv, Cape Town, San Jose in Costa Rica, Montevideo in Uruguay, Santiago in Chile and Papeete on the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti, in the French Polynesia archipelago, as well as a number of destinations in Brazil, according to Check-in.DK .

After two and a half years, Norway plans to have 25 mid-range and 10 long-haul flights in Argentina. When the operation is fully operational over five to eight years, Norwegian expects to have 70 aircraft based on four bases in Argentina.

Well, this is very exciting as Norwegian has been expanding rapidly since the beginning of the year, since their flight on Boeing 737 from Scotland to New York, and direct flights to Singapore this year, but setting up a new base in Argentina will truly make it a “global airline”, this is began to feel like a worldwide version of how ryanair is connecting every single airport in Europe.

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