Oslo SAS Lounge + SAS Gold Lounge, Norway

OSLO airport is almost finishing with its terminal expansion and things are looking great,the international SAS Lounge and SAS Gold Lounge are also finished with its expansion a couple of years ago,this detailed lounge review is showing you all the features and amenities about this (2) lounge(s).

The 2 Lounges are jointed together next to each other,however they have separated everything,but to my experience,the SAS Gold Lounge,just like its name is more of a fancier business passengers type.


The food collection in both lounges are the same,maybe the container for the meat was a bit different,they have tons of green and organic options but in comparison to Gulf Carriers Lounge seems a bit poorly served,but for Americans,it’s a great healthy choices since they are considering things in American lounges are more as piles of carbon junky.







What really brings up the standards is the beverages and liquor option in gold lounges,as you can see in pictures,they offer such a brighter variety of choices for SAS Gold Lounge and the amount of Wine in the cooling fridge is outstanding.



Plus,they have a snack bar right at the corner as well,but as a matter of fact for someone with a truly asian stomach,I would very much appreciate it if they offer more warm food instead of cold plate.However,that might as well just be the reason why they didn’t offer so since the vital price level in Norway or Scandinavia in general.


The amount of seating and the arrangement for the needs of different group of people is very receiving but there’s definitely less people in SAS Gold Lounge.Sometimes is hard to get what would make SAS divide the lounge into 2 and the entry barriers for 2 lounges doesn’t fall far some each other on the same spectrum.Since Star Alliance Gold and EuroBonus as well as business class passengers are all generally premium frequent flyers.The only reason I can get for this is that maybe their payment of maintenance for the lounge is different ? As Star Alliance Passengers would be paid to the lounge by their airlines but SAS lounge only wanna took care of their own Eurobonds Passengers?What? It still doesn’t make sense to me,cause I’ve seem staff working at both lounges so technically is the same lounge.If you can explain this in a more orderble manner,please leave a comment below and let me know,I would really appreciate it.

In SAS Lounge,it’s more of a friendly environment for family travelling as they have what’s called kids room;the room has small chairs and tables and various kind of TOYS,this sure will bought a place in kids’ hearts.

In SAS Gold Lounge,there’s 2 private booths called the guest office which one of which is small for only one person and the other one can has up to 4 or 5 person with a table and chairs ;maybe that’s how they outsourcing for conference room?

In general both lounges has ample seating areas with many different seat settings,unfortunately,I didn’t see showers anywhere in all lounges in Oslo cause they do have many transcontinental flights.


Bottom Line:

The Lounges has everything to maintain the standards and since Oslo is SAS’s hub airport,it’s kind of important for them to keep the standards for competitiveness,although there’s no other lounge options in Oslo,they would continue to strike the first place in the coming future but they do comes short in some aspects,and sure they can work on that to bring it up in the future as well.

Thank you so much for reading this,If it brings up your interests,I also did review regarding the SAS Domestic Lounge in Oslo Airport as well as Oslo Lounge for Non-Star Alliance Travellers,here’s the link below.

Stay Tuned !


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