Stay Report: Alexandra Barcelona, a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

Alexandra Barcelona, a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel is at central area of Barcelona, one block away from the famous diagonal avenue. This Hilton property is in a traditional old building and I have to say, the entrance doesn’t seem to impress much. After many of Hilton properties I have stayed in Barcelona, this is the only one I have automatically got a suite upgrade.

The lobby is very small and has a dark mood set which is quiet pretentious, the front desk is very kind and explained a lot regarding the amenities at the hotel. All I was thinking at that moment was just to see how the suite looks like.

The suite has one sitting area and an equivalent size open bedroom. The bathroom however only features one bathtub shower and it’s in a relatively closed area, (talking about Spanish style maybe :))

The bathroom is very small for Hilton standards as you can’t close the glass door if you don’t get behind it, and it doesn’t lock anyway.

The grooming area is equipped with 2 sinks which is very nice and has ample space with quiet a variety of amenities kits displayed. Great job here.

To be honest, the room smells, I think it was because the whole building is very old. It’s quiet warm and the furniture in the room looks dusty, they have a writing table which doesn’t feel stable but they provided with a bluetooth speaker on it, you wouldn’t wanna open the drawers as it has very primitive finishing and looks like filled with dust.

Still you would have to give credit for them putting 2 TVs in the room as well as the free upgrade itself.

There’s a proper desk in the bedroom, and the window you can see it’s for the shower, however you can’t open it, either can you see anything through it as it has both curtains and ward over it, again, nothing special and it shows no logic how they design the whole place.

The bed itself it’s very big but it’s super hard to sleep at night as the bed sheet is huge, either it become a giant net just hook you under or you wouldn’t be able to bear the weight of the sheet, yeah the bed sheet.

There’s two mineral water free of charge and other amenities like minibar and hotel information book is all pretty much included.

You have to give credits for the view though as it gives you a sense of hispanic culture and how you can just open the window and immerse yourself into the heat wave of Barcelona.

The roof’s design it’s also quiet nice but this makes you feels like you are in a Mexican TV series.

The hotel has a terrance swimming pool but it doesn’t seems to be clean and open as it’s winter there, It took me so much time to figure out how to get to there as you have to change 2 different elevators and walk through a meeting room to get to there. But the place itself it’s still quiet nice.

You can see from the background that there’s residential buildings surrounded the swimming pool so basically they can see everything you are doing.

The seating area and different arrangement they made is also quiet nice just for lounging and chilling.

Bottom Line:

This Hilton doubletree property is a great choice if you would like to experience some of the benefits of being a gold or diamond member, although they don’t have a executive lounge and truth is the whole hotel smells a bit old, that’s probably why they are giving out suite upgrade so generously. The hotel is also at a great location at central area of Barcelona so it’s very convenient to do things around.

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