Stay Report: Best Western Ambassador Hotel Düsseldorf

Best Western Ambassador Hotel is located next to the city train station and the front door of the hotel is facing the an area of bulldoze which is unpleasant,the old town part of the city is very much less populated compared to the Kings Shopping Street but the price is very reasonable for that location.

The former owner of the hotel was asian so the check in desk and lobby (small) looks like a Chinese restaurant,the people were very nice and helpful when comes to directions.They even handed out a brochure in my native language,the hotel is perfect for families and low-budget travel and I am happy to recommend to people.

The average room rate was 80 Euro which is quite high but they told me is because of Beyonce’s concert that night.I wouldn’t recommend this property if you are considering quality of service is essential or Best Western at all since the breakfast close at 10 and late check out is 12 as the front desk told me. 🙁

They offered me this room at a quiet side of the building which is thoughtful.

The bathroom is cleaning and neat for the standard and price so.And they even have the a blower and shampoo just the same like Scandic.

The room is fair and square and all the space is taken into usage which is efficient but not so spacious when 3 people lives in then.The nice little they did with the Haribo gummy bear is well-receiving.

Plus,there’s even a balcony outside as well,it’s quiet dense residential area as many of you can see,this is much more better and quieter than the road side.I wouldn’t consider it a great view but it’s all in harmony.

There’s even a ashtray outside,nice little thought.

Bottom Line

The property overall is quiet matched with its standard,Best western has crazy amount of properties worldwide but their loyalty program isn’t sensible enough for their customers and the brand image is build out to reach it best possible target audience.Many of the business people would consider using them when they have to be at some places for quiet a long amount of time so they can saving up on the cost but stay within the travel value spectrum.

The weather in Dusseldorf is quiet nice and the city in summer is cozy and cool,worthy visiting.

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