Stay Report: Hilton Barcelona

Barcelona is such a beautiful city but the Hilton properties aren’t so enchanting so far, normally when the Hilton property is named after the city, it means that it’s quiet good. There is indeed a lounge area in the property but not as exclusively as you would imagine.

The location is very ideal with walking distance to the famous shopping area (Diagonal). Somehow upon the time I was visiting, it was just a bit cold. The entrance is very nice and the lobby’s big wall screen is just not really my vibe, especially when you are playing baby videos, it just don’t blend well with the deco. Check the pictures yourself.

The gym is on top of the building and has very high ceilings, it’s quiet a nice place to work out and they prepared towels and water in the corner as well.

As you can see from the view in my room and the weather was chill and the room is in great shape, typical Hilton. The room size isn’t exactly big and since I already got an upgrade from the basic room, I am assuming there are not many suites in this property.

Executive Lounge:

The lounge itself is at a open space where check in it’s purely done by the receptionist sitting in front of the elevator, and the selection of drinks and snacks is not really up top to many other Hilton properties.

Bottom Line:

They say that this Hilton property is one of the worst in Europe, I think you might have to come here to see for yourself, it’s like they have everything Hilton supposed to have but nothing is enchanting when you look closer. The rate isn’t really expensive so I would say you’re not exactly wasting money here.

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