Stay Report: Hilton Berlin, Germany

The Hilton Berlin is located at one side of the big city region of Berlin and within working distance to the well-known Berlin Mall,while surrounded by many famous attractions like the Burden-burg Gate and Boutique designer stores,it’s a very good location for it to be.

They are also many choices in the city and the other Hilton Property in the city is the Hampton’s,I arrived at the hotel very late and the check in process (still a queen in the middle of the night) weren’t even a standard one.They didn’t gave me executive lounge access before I ask for it,even I show them both my Gold and Diamond card.

However the room looks great,but I wouldn’t say it is the top-notch Hilton for example notably like Hilton Shanghai which means they didn’t have the concierge for everything yet,even though I heard they have finished renovation years ago.

The room looks very decent for Hilton standard and the bathroom is very sanitary also they were enough choices at the Mini-bar.The building is very grandly magnificent and the room view certainly lives up to expectation.

Another thing regarding the executive lounge is that the happy hour seems very professional however the breakfast choices is very limited since the whole lounge only takes around 50 square meter space while the breakfast space is like the whole floor.

I wouldn’t recommend it for your business stay for a long time in Berlin but It’s worth a try,however they really needed to work on their service quality,but maybe it’s just because I checked in in the middle of the night,but still,though.

Sorry I didn’t said too much about Berlin,what’s most craziest is the airport which is more of a factory with chaos and frustration.Well that’s a story for another time.

Stay Tuned.


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