Stay Report: Holiday Inn Express Barcelona – City 22@ Stay Review :(

Holiday Inn Express Barcelona – City 22@ is a low-end property by IHG in the city of Barcelona where it seems like a relatively unsafe area, you have to walk around a rather deserted area and the hotel is right across a bulldozed field. The hotel itself is not bad in particular but when you look at the surroundings it’s definitely not an ideal place for leisure travellers.

Picture from IHG website

The bathroom is decent for just getting by and you can’t expect something more here for just 80 Euros. Yeah it cost 80 Euros nightly rate although I suppose it could be much more cheaper.

The bed is very stubborn and you can feel like laying on a pile of dead wood especially when the burning sunlight shooting directly onto your face. Not Ideal.

The sofa can be turned into a fully flat bed but it just looks really wore-out , god knows what sort of action have already happened on it. 🙁

Bulldoze I talked about

I would highly recommend not to stay at this property as it can seriously jeopardise your holiday mood. You should only considering stay here when you need to be in the city within very short notice and other properties all become highly overpriced.

Until next time, not much to say about this one 🙁

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