Stay Report: Hotel Indigo Barcelona – Plaza Catalunya

Hey,What’s up? Welcome back to another IHG property review in Barcelona – Hotel Indigo Barcelona – Plaza Catalunya. This property is located next to the famous shopping street – Diagonal Avenue*(Technically 2 blocks away.)

The receptionist to my surprise was very friendly and greet me for being a IHG member and offered me a room upgrade without me even asking, very nice !

Another surprise to me in terms of the Indigo brand is that the amount of amenities they offer from Mini bar to Bathroom and even the snacks placed all over the room like next to your bed sheet and over your night stand,I was simply enchanted by the little surprises wherever I laid my eyes upon.

The flower is fake though :(

The bed is big and comfortable however it might be that the bed sheet is massive again. #firstworldproblem

The overall design is also simply amazing as they put out their best dedication to put out all these little things to keep your stay interesting, the sweets and bottled water as well as the postcards. 🙂

The view outside also fit greatly with my taste, too bad is Xmas in Spain and they don’t open any of their facilities except the tiny gym at the right up corner.

Drinks are free :)

Art featuring is the best :)

The whole property is very artistic in general and the many details being placed all over the place will certainly keep you interested, the colour white make everything looks neat and clean so it wouldn’t be looking messy or untidied.

Bottom Line:

This is one of the most interesting property I’ve visited in Barcelona and it’s definitely worth the price. Although it would be much more better for visiting in summer times, I would actually suggesting properties close to the beach during then and the pool and facilities offered here might be lacking a bit of space. It’s the ideal place for shopping and visiting the city’s attractions. It’s a must visit IHG property in Barcelona you wouldn’t want to miss.

It was Xmas When I was visiting :)

Until Next Time !


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