Stay Report: Intercontinental Doha,Qatar


Where should I begin,the airport? The city or the people with such unique customs?

I got the chance to stay at Intercontinental Doha as a rewards night,so it’s really enjoyable for me.Before the taxi approaching the resort,my attention was already drawed by the illuminated light setting from the landscape view of the hotel,it’s beach location is what excites me the most.

They were many people waiting at the gate to take my luggage already,and I was lastly guided to the priority check in desk for IHG club,the young lady was extremely welcoming and nice,after she confirmed with everything,there was another sir asking for change,and she just went straight saying,excuse me sir,I am servicing another customer right now,and the information is confidential can you please wait a bit distant?(I can’t remember everything,but it went almost like this),the only difficulty was the fact I don’t have any Qatari money to pay for the 1000 deposit they ask for so they just deicide to remove the minibar instead,oh,well…..

I was guided to the room shortly after I got greeted by the hotel manager,it’s always nice to feel prioritised,then it’s the view of my room.

I have to say even though I got greeted by the hotel manager,but I was already too flattered to ask for a room with a higher level view facing the beach preferably,so…yea.Also,I did the Kendall Jenner request again via email since they don’t have a section on check in confirmation.

The hotel has everything you need and ample space to be valid as a resort for almost 9 years old plus the beach site never gets old.

It includes a leisure swimming pool plus 500 meters of gold sand beach site and a fully functioning gym and spa area.

The restaurant towards the swimming offers many authentic arabic food as well as many other options,and in Qatar alcohol is only allowed in 5 star hotels if you have a permit for purchasing,so good for me.A standard Mai Tai cost around 25 dollar which is very high already,and the food was good but extremely ……dry,hmmm.

The room features it’s very standard 5 star material:

There is my Kendall,OMG

Very nice bathroom with the separation of shower and bathtub as well in respect to religious hygiene standards,they have a shower for your privates,one thing I love very much about middle east.

The amenities kit is very nice but might not be very well-known to some standards,but it smells very good.

The floor elevator lobby is very spacious and glorious just like everywhere else in the resort.

This IHG resort is one of my favourite place for now,and I am definitely coming back for it,the one last good thing is that the front desk gave me access for free to the gym,the pool and the beach even after I have checked out,so I was again——FLATTTERED.(I could really use one hundred emojis right here)

I am already planning on coming back in no time as the whether and the level of service in both soft product and hard facilities are all truly a 5 star standard.If you comes to Doha,don’t forget to check this out.

Please leave comments if you have any thoughts regard this resort and anything else in general,I will be happy to answer for you.


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