Stay Report: Novotel Barcelona City, Spain

Novotel is an Accor Hotel Group property, this is the first time I am actually reviewing one of their hotel chains, so I have left a message prior to my arrival telling my hope of high expectation for my first time experience. So when I arrived, to my no-surprise surprise they’ve chosen a higher floor with a great view for me, and I have to act like all surprised for it. Then the receptionist responded “but you are only staying for one night.” Sad face. Okay, that’s an interesting start.

Here’s all the details about the room, the room is quiet big and they do have all the necessities for a standard 4-star hotel.

They’ve many amenities like safe and drinks, but I am not sure if you can call that a mini-bar since it’s just more like a cooler and it just looks cheap. Another thing is that they don’t have a coffee machine in the room, they’ve only got instant coffee which you put in a cup with hot water, ewww.

You can see that the cups in the room are only plastic and one-time usage only, it’s funny how hotels sometimes promote environmental ideas to use less towels but they still using plastic cups in rooms which could be more damage to the environment, so I guess cost’s the only thing they consider after all.

The hallway have a clear music playing 24/7, but the good thing is that the door is so good being soundproof, Accor doesn’t offer free breakfast to many of their low-cost chains, so I have ordered 9.9 Euro breakfast at the lobby bar in which the lobby breakfast buffet cost like 20 Euro.

The lobby is only decent size, but the whole hotel is in a modern commercial building.They don’t get to have huge lobby structure and space.The lobby however has many zones with different functions which is quiet smart.( zone)

I almost forgot to show the rooms view which is quiet amazing, it’s a bit sad that hotels in Spain during winter times doesn’t open their beaches and pools, but lucky for us, I am still gonna show you guys around. He he.

amazing night views

Bottom Line:

This is the for real first Accor property I have tried since I started this blog website. I think it’s a quiet nice stay experience and I would definitely enjoy it more in the summer. If you have any questions, please don’t be hesitated to leave a comment below.

They are a lot more on Barcelona is coming up. Stay Tuned !

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