Stay Report: Park Plaza Vondelpark Amsterdam

I was on my last minute brainstorm of finding a place for my layover night in Amsterdam,than I just realised the nearly sold bride-Carlson Rezidor.

The hotel was categorised a 4 star hotel,but the majority of the reviews says the opposite !

But as the most joy able fun practice I have had with my room request,it’s worth the try.(I will tell this again in a new post as well)

When I have checked in for the room though the app,they always have a section you can write around 50 characters to describe your special request, as I was a Club Carlson Gold member,I am ought to get a welcome gift very time I stay with them,but for some ridiculous reasons,they always forgot just like in Sweden,Norway,Denmark,always…

It’s a good thing that they have been bought the Chinese HNA group which is operating the only 5 star airline in Mainland China,I am certainly seeking for more improvements to be done,so back to the topic,I wrote on the request section that I would like to have my welcome gift as a fruit plate with a pic of Kendall J;Yes you are right,I didn’t even got to finish it.This is inspired by a recent phenomenon by another people on the internet whose name i don’t recall.

By the time I checked in at the front desk around 23:30,There was 3 gu(a?)ys giggling which I completely had no clue during that time,but when I was in the room,the first thing caught my air is the air-kissing Kendall Jenner,Omg she is my fav always,so is Park Plaza Vondelpark now. Haha,Just Kidding,I am serious evaluator.Hmm…

Most importantly,the product at hand:The rooms are not to say —Tiny,definitely not a 4 star standard,and it’s like less than 10 sq meters.

This is more like a economic motel or airbnb ?

The bed looks like something is hiding under it,after I touch the duvet then I found out that is the inner layer has such an unequal distribution pattern,but all well.

Here you can see the shower and the toilet with decent amount of space,but the sink is place outside,so in conclusion,no dry wet separation at all inside the room,or do they even care?

Shower and toilet

The sink area

The amenities they have is middle range as well.


The price for this Carlson Rezidor property is not high at all compare to other same range hotels in Amsterdam,but it’s considerably at the outer circle of the real centrum of Amsterdam,but not far from the Van Gogh Museum and it’s very quiet and nice,(residence area around it)but not far away from anything else you wanna do.

It’s definitely not worth using so much points on something like this unless you are desperate in some sorts like me.

The staff is kind and nice or (gossipy which I don’t really mind),the soft power is indeed at some professional level but they do need to renovate soon or maybe just lower the range for this property so the customers can truly feel worthy.

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