Stay Report: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Oslo

Radisson Blu is the best franchise hotel chain and one and only in the terms of being the landmark as well as accommodate large capacity of population.They are 2 Radisson Blus as well as 4 Park Inn in Oslo,and Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel is very close to the king’s palace and have a Sky Lounge bar at 21st floor.

As a Club Carlson Gold member,I was not very welcomely greeted as well as getting the welcome gift(I am tired of asking),but they did easily change my room to a higher floor( the 21st ) after me asking again,originally I was offered with a room at the 4th floor:Q.

One of the reason I choose to stay again at this property is they have went through a renovation during last summer,and the result is really amazing,I have to say this has to be one of the best hotel in Oslo now in terms of facility,even Radisson Blu Plaza hotel is a better charm in terms of location and floor height,but I actually prefer this one better.

The bathroom is smaller compare to Plaza hotel but everything else works fine.I like the new decor and the view was very nice as well.

I did not get an upgrade however but I am okay with what I get and I am not positive to Scandinavian hotel staff anymore,if only they can be half as good as Hilton,you don’t feel welcomed at all sometimes,they normally just don’t care if you are cherished loyalty member or not,even IHG member without any status will get a free drink at the check in counter.

Bottom Line

Club Carlson is very easy to status match to Gold Member,if only not because there are not many hotel properties from other corporation at the moment,they certainly wouldn’t be considered as one of the best in Norway.

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