Stay Report: Radisson RED Brussels

The Radisson RED Brussels is the very first Radisson RED of this brand, the hotel is right next to the European Parliament which is super convenient for people on business around the area, the property has a distinctive feature that is the colour red everywhere.

Upon check in, we were told that we can’t get our room until 3 PM,which is not normal to by any standards to any decent hotel,however we were later confirmed with room around 12:40 PM,the hotel has around 200 rooms but only 2 receptionist desks so small that the guests can see everything they are doing.It might be understandable if they going with a fast chain vibes.

The lobby is quiet small but for the size of the hotel you can’t really complain too much, it also has this selfie screen wall which doesn’t really work well for most of the time.

The lobby has a thick strong smell which might be uncomfortable for some people, surprisingly they don’t include breakfast for the rate they are charing.

So you have to order à la carte at the lobby bar/restaurant which is nice but not necessarily worth the price.

The elevator and room hallway is quiet spacious but that’s might be determined by the structure of the building, they have all this interesting little touches on the decorations which can add a bunch of Wow effect here and there.

The room is very bright and again the distinctive red features through out this property is being expressed smoothly, you can find some examples in the pictures I took here.

One thing regarding the room is that there’s no places for tea kettle or coffee machines so they just don’t offer it I guess ? It wouldn’t kill them to provide those amenities ,that’s like one of the few drawbacks for the whole experience.

The bathroom is nicely designed but again the shower just can’t prevent wetting the whole bath floor when you use it.

They wrote everything on the back of the door which is too much of a advertisement ?It’s very clear that they don’t wanna increase machinery costs but it looks like a bit too cheap when most people actually understand what it says, it’s quiet different comparing to sometimes hotels decorate the wall with meaningful words or unique french adjectives.

Bottom Line:

This Radisson RED property is the one and only for this chain,but you can see there good attempts to offer something more modern with a bit of attitude product for the whole hotel group, however they are some major flows that could scare away all the Business customers especially next to the European Parliament,if they can provide standard all decent hotels amenities ,their interesting little interior design mind games wouldn’t save them from being undervalued as not an all around product.

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