Stay Report: The May Fair Hotel London

Today is the day ! I’ve heard so much about this property before coming here, and after walking around the neighbourhood, it surely hasn’t disappointed me. So as I have wrote in previous post, The May Fair Hotel in London could be the best choice for redeeming Club Carlson gold points, and here’s a video on that post you can check out about the “advertised” amenities (The Best Hotel to Redeem Club Carlson Gold Points – The May Fair Hotel London).

First thing first, the hotel is at such a preppy neighbourhood, and the amount of high-end shops and fine-dinning restaurants within walking distance is just such a high-value perk I couldn’t possibly resist.

It is said that they are the official partner hotel for London film festival and that’s why they has a private screening room at the basement, although they don’t really let anyone staying at the hotel use it,I guess you can consider it a default benefit ?

The front desk was friendly and very welcoming upon checking-in, and they thanked me for being loyal to the Club Carlson loyalty program, but it’s truly standard nowadays for them to do so.The picture below shows the small lobby outside the elevator and you can tell they’ve choose to go with such a imperial decor style, it’s like a mix of ancient Oriental and traditional English.

This is the deluxe room I’ve got which is probably the second lowest rank in the property, I couldn’t really complain too much and the room is indeed bright and spacious enough.

One little thing here is that, if they really wanna attract Asian tourists here, the superstition is that it is very very bad to sleep on the bed that is facing a mirror, you would be likely to see a ghost at the middle of the night if you woke up. 😛 (I’m not kidding, especially for middle-aged people from Asia)

The thing I liked the most about the room is the shape of it, it’s very simple square, also according to superstition, guests who stayed here would likely to be as noble as the emperor since he is as honorable as the body of a oriental dragon. (hahaha, I don’t know what has gotten into me in this part.)

The bed is big and spacious, if you pay attention to the dark wooden furniture that shaped like a enclosed basket, it has been glued onto the desk, such cheap move in my opinion as people who pay around 600 dollar for staying here for one night would take that weird shape thing with them? But the overall design is indeed very Chinese, I actually began to like it.

The bathroom is also a bright and spacious, and guess what, it has a window, so that’s actually very nice to be with, as most hotels today would let the bathroom windowless and all you hear would be the sound of air ventilation working so hard in the middle of the night. Quiet a nut-job to put up with if you get what I mean.

They also put some cotton balls there, I guess is for ladies to remove their make up with, the overall amenities is decent but not too over the top luxurious, I guess you can call it elegant then.

The mini-bar selection is also decent, certainly better than many other Radisson Blu properties though.

I am not sure if you can say it’s really worth it to spend that 70,000 Club Carlson gold points on it, but for the market value, it is indeed the best way to use it, and there’s no surcharge on award booking with them, so that’s kind of nice. The experience is overall pleasant but I wouldn’t say it’s full of surprises. I guess that’s why all those celebrities decided to stay here – due to the amount of privacy you get.

Share your opinions about this review, the weather in London isn’t always this nice.

Until next time !

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