The Best Hotel to Redeem Club Carlson Gold Points – The May Fair Hotel London

Club Carlson isn’t really the best hotel loyalty program out there, but for the some of us who get to stuck with Radisson Blu properties, we would very much like to get the best values out of those hard-earned gold points they ungenerous gave out.

I’ve been reading other bloggers’ recommendation on redeeming Club Carlson Gold Points but so far for Europeans, I would say the closest place / best city to redeem it would be London. Not to mention how many Radisson Blu properties in London but the price has always been rather expensive.

I don’t think I need to describe to you all the amenities they have to offer at Mayfair London, but it’s located at the wealthiest neighbourhood in London and you can check everything on their website, and here’s a video about it as well.

By calculation, it would cost 70,000 points for all the central properties listed if you find it on the right date, but the price for different properties also varies, the most expensive one would be The May Fair Hotel, London. We gain Club Carlson gold points for 20 Gold Points per dollar spent on all stays, however for May Fair London, the value would be at 70,000 divided by 20 points per dollar, it would be costing 3500 dollar to get the points for it, however, it would be costing less if you minus the value of the free night, and guess what they don’t take any surcharges for award booking at all.

So that would be all the good parts of it, so take good advantage of their promotions and stack up all those discounted points. Yeah !

Tell me more about your strategies, I would love to hear them. Stay Tuned.


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