VIP Lounge Miró Barcelona Airport

The VIP lounge is located at the central shopping area in the departure hall, and at the Schengen area, you probably don’t have much choice other than a priority pass lounge which most of you have to pay for.

There are plenty of seating space which the sofas looks very comfy, the lounge doesn’t looks so busy and the different arrangements of seating are nice to choose from.

There are many choices of snack and pastries and Spanish specialties.

I wonder what are the eggs for ?

It’s a bit sad that most newspaper and magazines are only in Spanish so I couldn’t pick out something to read.

The snacks choices is also good and I like it when lounges offer them in big bowls but I hope those are not too old. Hmm

The drinks and beverages selections are also very decent.

They also have these specially designed napping areas and it did take big amount of spaces, although I am not sure if they offer blankets or if the rest stand is really comfortable. Nice touch !

The VIP lounge at Barcelona airport is somewhat very business-oriented, the deco I meant, because nowadays you can find all kinds of people at lounges. Judging the only other lounge which accepts priority passes doesn’t look tempting at all. The VIP lounge will be the ideal place to spend time awaiting for departure.

Bye Barcelona, Stay Tuned !

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