Inside Oslo Airport's New Terminal

I don’t really showed you guys Oslo Airport much, but yesterday was truly an amazing day,I am proudly to be a test run passenger for the brand new terminal of Oslo airport , Norway.

This is how the airport supposed to be look like, featured in previous posts as well.

The day started at 9:30 am we were welcomed at a white tent with some drinks and fruits and as we were waiting,each person will get different itineraries,here you can have a look of mine,Finland yeah !

I use all the free time I could have to take pics of the brand new terminal,as it was confirmed to be twice the size of before,they have certainly switched the style a little bit as well,most notably is the geometrical ceilings.

New Ceiling

Let’s get started from the beginning of my journey,and thank you so much for everyone who watched my stories on Instagram.

Now we are all set into test mode,

The check in process was quiet slow actually, but since I had to check in 3 luggages, there was no choice but to wait for the others to be finished.After done with check in, you can right through the check in counter to security control which is different to the old terminal.

Some part is still being built.

Security control right behind the check in counter

Same,still under construction.

Feel the future,is shops and stores on both side.

Nearly the end of the wing, very Scandinavian

The beautiful view at the end of the wing .

Time to board the plane.

It was quiet a waiting process as they have to stimulate all of the procedures, and then is lunch time, they truly have prepared a lot for this day.not only did we get free transportation for the whole day, not to mention they even have to offer food and drinks,everyprson participated got a goodie bag as well as Kr 1000 gift card.

Here’s the entrance of the new terminal right above the train station, the new terminal is at left and the old one is at right.

As you can see they are two different train companies working at the airport,NSB is the national train company,Flytoget a regional airport train goes around the Oslo region, their check in entrance,ticket office split the whole space into half,both claiming their presence at the airport which is very funny to say for a market like Norway.

That's one stylish Seven11

As I was enjoying the afternoon sun at Karl Johan Street in Oslo,which is very rare for this country.Let’s keeping looking forward the opening next April as well as more routes coming up for Oslo airport.

Stay Tuned and leave your thoughts about this post.

Until Next Time.

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