My IHG 2017 Q1 Accelerate Challenge

IHG have yet come back with their new Accelerate Promotion in which each user will get their own challenge, I have heard crazy stories about others in which they will need to stay up to 18 nights to get 1000 points per 3 nights.

Mine is pretty decent, many others I’ve seem in some forums have given up on completing Q1 challenge but I think I will actually do it as you can see it’s a great deal to get 41K points just by completing 5 nights, so I can secure IHG platinum with just 5 nights stay for 2017.

For many properties in Shanghai,you can see they have such an amazing cheap rate of 35 Euros .

What’s your strategy for completing your Q1 challenge or if you will even consider joining this?Leave your comments below.


Albert Aviation

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