Stay Report: Hilton Stockholm Slussen, Sweden

Hilton Slussen is the only Hilton property in Sweden and it’s fair to say it’s quiet old now, although they have a quiet good location, but during the time I was there, the road around it is under construction, it was super stressful to find the entrance,I think it took like half an hour driving around the city to be in front of the hote gate.

The propert consists of at least 3 different buildings connected by the underground lobby which has ample seating spaces, they have different units of elevators for different buildings,but it seems like nobody seems to bother to use that area, it does makes the underground floor spacious.

The rooms is rather small to my opinions , and we didn’t get any upgrades ,the design is quiet okay but things are still rather tight together.As you can see, there were 2 bottles of mineral water for free.

It may seems like the bathroom is well furnished with Italian marble, but turns out they are just fake water proof board which I dont know what they are called.The amenities are quiet standard for Hilton and again it’s tight and small in there.

They offer some free tea and coffee ,however not a coffee machine,whihc is not good for business travellers.

The mini bar is nicely packed a few selections of drinks and beverages and some snacks.

The hotel room doesn’t really have a good view but I saw something quiet amazing when I went up to the lounge.Yeah the view is like this.

The executive lounge is rather small but there wasn’t many people so it was quiet okay, they have a few selection of snacks and a wide range of drinks and newspapers and Live TV with news reporting, so in a sense it’s very professional for business travellers, there were other board games as well next to the heating stove,I can actually staying there all day, especially with that view.In addition,I really liked the different seating options they put out there as well.

The lobby bar is also very nice and attracts quiet many customers both from and outside the hotel,I think it’s due to their amazing night view overlook the city across the river.

The lobby bar view

Hilton Slussen is not the best hotel in the city of Stockholm,but indeed that overall it’s a decent 4 star hotel and the level of service and the variety of amenities provided by Hilton is excellent.I would recommend it just because it would make your spending worthy.The staff there is nice and thoughtful and the rate is not that bad in the city either. So,if they can have better road connections I would strongly recommend it If you are planning to have something around 100 Euros nightly rate.

The weather in Stockholm is chilling …Stay tuned !

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