Stay Report: Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Oslo, Norway

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel opened in 1999 in Oslo,Norway.It was considered the best 5 star hotel in Oslo,and located at the tallest building in the country.Previously I have reviewed the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel not far away from this property.

The hotel occupies the entire building and have 38 floor in total which is quiet impressive for a country with only 5 million population like Norway.

They have 2 types of elevators goes to separate floors as it’s not unusual for high rises.My room was at 27th floor facing the old town of the city.

The room is quiet neat with things properly set across the tight space, if you ever wonders about the size of the windows,I suppose it falls to 2 reasons: 1).This is Scandinavia,it could be -50 celsius in winter;2).The building was done at last century.


They offers quiet amazing amenities at this properties for the standard of Radisson Blu,however,again when comes to interior or the moderation of their facilities,probably not the best overall.Despite the little “simplicity” of the design, they were quiet some highlight I would very much like to point out.

The swimming pool is at the 35th floor and shares an amazing view over the city ,you might see that indeed the pool is very small to any standards.

The gym is at the 38th floor of the building which is gets the most stunning work out view for guests, however,you might figure that the hotel was trying very hard too optimise the usage of the space despite the roof could be a little claustrophobic.Still,what a nice view.

Breakfast was at the second floor of the lobby, not too big of a serving area, but good enough standard of European breakfast.

Bottom Line

This property is definitely one of the must try when visiting Oslo for the time being, however I wouldn’t suggest frequent revisits as you kind of gets to experience everything all at once.After Radisson Blu being bought by the HNA group in China,I am hoping to see more changes coming up for their property standards and loyalty programmes.Although it will be no doubt for their dominance in the Nordic region,further improvement can always be done.

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