Stay Report: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Gothenburg

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While my indentation at then was to check out the Pigalle Property in Gothenburg,Sweden,somehow my assistant screwed up the booking in which we have to book a 3500 Kr nightly rate for a standard room at Radisson Blu Scandinavia.


I have been to the property countless times as after all,Gothenburg is kind of the top summer destination for both Norwegians and Swedes.The hotel is at central location in the city centre and you can hear the city tram running,around it was many shopping malls and streets filled with stores.

One thing I didn’t like about the hotel was the fact is old,not just like well maintained Hilton old,but express hotel quality with a four star hotel skin.Yeah,I know.Sounds brutal,but it’s kind of true.Another thing is that no matter what level of tier you have for Club Carlson,you may just never get an upgrade,unlike Radisson Blu Bergen Hotel Norge,which was super easy for a suite upgrade,they just doesn’t seems to give a dine.The welcome gift is very low quality,how low ?The pear they send in with the fruit is grey and taste like something has been decayed for quiet a while.

The room size is quiet decent for Europe,and the amenity is well branded,the room has only one wall with window which feels very stuffy.

Other Amenities:

The swimming pool is nice for a 90s standard,and for now,it’s just very small,and they have Gym which clearly has more outside users through selling gym memberships.

The lobby has many cool shops around it,they have got a nice tailor store for getting suits and a Thai message which never has time available,plus a 3D glass sculpture artist shop which never opens.

The only place in the lobby which has more volume flow than the receptions is the lobby bar,sometimes they’ve got artist came for the stage,but most of the day,it’s quiet a houseful of customers.I have tried their food and drinks there,it was worth a try.

Bottom Line:

The biggest advantage of this Radisson Blu Property is the absolute central location for travellers and business people,but by all means the building is not gonna fix the problem itself,they should have a big renovation for their room standards and other amenities.The service wasn’t like the level of care you would get at a 5 star hotel,but many have said that the Scandinavians have an attitude when comes to service in terms of care.The reality here is only help when you ask for it,but I am not saying they are not nice receptionists here at all.Everybody is different after all.

Stay tuned and tell me what you thoughts upon your stay around Northern Europe?

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