Supersonic is Back ?

It is funny to think that aircrafts nowadays can only be allowed to fly half as it was 50 years ago.The human race not only have invented and developed this technology but also perfected it to a certain extent in just around a century,although it’s more of a frustration rather than fascination when travelling in real life, we,as the people of our time, are truly living in a exciting age.So when it came to my sight about this company called BOOM which is trying to bring the Supersonic jet back to mainstream aviation airliners.

“The company is pursuing speed with an audacious idea: a 45-seat aircraft that cruises at Mach 2.2 (1,451 miles per hour), faster than the defunct Concorde and certainly faster than the standard 550 mph, with fares no more expensive than a current business-class round trip, which ranges between $5,000 and $10,000. ” — From Bloomberg

Although it’s certainly exciting to see new companies trying to change the dynamic of strict safety concern to technology in aviation, but their plan of having a foreseeable future in having enough clients ,generating great profits or keep innovating their product line is very perplexed.

It it true that there have been numerous talks on bringing back the Concorde into modern aviation but the challenge might still be the fact airliners have the general trend to stay away from accident aircraft models not only due to their strong influence by its home country’s administration and worries from their base customers but also maybe the safe card is always to just avoid unnecessary negative portraits of their business reputation.

If they can successfully carry out a route in the coming years, we might be able to fly from New York to London for just 3.5 hours, which we have a comparatively long flight of more than 6 hours now.

I would love to hear you guys’ thoughts on both sides’ opinions on whether the supersonic jet will be back, and how would it influence the aviation market when all of a sudden ,people start to embrace the technology despite what happened in the past?

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