Airline FFP Correlation Map

Every airline’s Frequent Flyer Programm are partners at different level with different airlines,This self-made map displays all the major airlines in the world and their connections with airline partners not only inside the alliance but also their special partners that are whether from another alliances or doesnt belong to any alliance at all.It’s really fascinating and that is why this has made some FFP very valuable and unique for us to position the maximum benefits we can get out from it.


1)This map shows most airlines that are commonly recognized as a standard Freqent Flyer Programm,thus it doesn’t include any low-cost/discount carrier that has independent FFP(Freqent Flyer Programm),and more updates will be added if any changes will occur to one or more FFPs(Freqent Flyer Programm).

2)Black arrows suggest direct partnership bewtween two airlines’ FFP(Freqent Flyer Programm),grey line indicated in the map means only code sharing routes and be credited airline miles in partner’s FFP(Freqent Flyer Programm);Airlines that are in the same Bubble or belong to same pie chart are belong to one airline alliance or shares the same FFP(Freqent Flyer Programm).

3)Currently only 3 major airline alliances are included-Star Alliance,Skyteam and Oneworld.

4)Low cost carrier alliance and other regional or continental aviation alliances are aslo not included.

5)Some Low cost carrier like Easyjet or jetblue are included due to their inseparable relationship with other major airlines.

6)This map is open to suggestions related to any ambiguous connections and indications.

7)This map is for entertainment purpose only and can not be used as fact/evidence proof at any level such as but not limited to:Legislation or Judicial.

8)Please refer to at any point when publishing to other social platforms and physical medias.


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