Emirates New B777 First Class Suite

After numerous tempting tease posts by Emirates’ PR team, it’s finally out, according to CNBC:

“Suites are fully enclosed and offer floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, like cabins on some of the world’s most expensive train cabins — such as those aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

The suites have up to 40 square feet of space. The airline claims passengers will have enough room to change their clothes, even after the lie-flat bed is set up.

The suites’ color palette includes cream, gray and gold, and aims to mimic the interior of a luxury car. It features a leather seat and mood lighting.

The airline kept other services available in its current first-class suites, including a personal minibar.Passengers in the center suites will have “virtual windows:” Screens that project the view of the sky outside. Those lucky enough to sit by a window are given binoculars.

Suites have a service window where passengers can be served drinks and appetizers without having to open the suite doors.”

You can check out all their new feature at their dedicated website here.

FIRST CLASS Raise your expectations  Step into the First Class cabin, and let the ambient glow of the UAE’s national tree light your way to one of six exclusive private suites.

FIRST CLASS Rediscover total privacy  Close the floor to ceiling doors of your private suite, set the mood with your personal lighting and temperature controller, and enjoy the freedom to dine, sleep and be entertained on your terms.

Other than their first class suite onboard their B777s, Emirates has also introduced new business class and economy class design, however the configuration would still be the same as in business class, you will get 2-3-2 layout each row and in economy you will get 3-4-3 layout each row.

Business Class Recline in luxury Our new Boeing 777 Business Class seats are designed for enhanced support and optimal comfort. Use the touchscreen controller to glide your seat into a fully horizontal position, with plenty of room to stretch out.

Economy Class Your journey got an upgrade Let the clean champagne tones and calm ambience of our newly designed Economy Class cabin help you feel contented throughout your flight.

My thoughts:

I do think it’s time for Emirates to introduce a new first class product alignment, however, I would not say that this new product can be called a game changer as it merely covered the shift of its former semi-private suite to fully enclosed, plus it’s larger. Their B777 used to have 4 first class (2-2 configuration) seats in a row whereas Etihad chooses the luxuriously spacious 1-1 configuration; so is their business class’ 2-3-2 configuration where most airlines have 1-2-1 configuration with direct aisle access for every passenger nowadays.

They do deserve credits for their new on-fleek design and all the cool new features being introduced, from the pictures and videos on youtube so far, Emirates has been getting tons of praises. It’s very positive in terms for their business operations.

They’ve reduce their total seat number in first class from 8 to 6, and the floor to ceiling enclosed suite is definitely great for feeling like travelling on a private jet.

If you are considering give their new first class product a try, the first flights depart Dubai (DXB) on December 1, 2017, operating the following frequencies to Brussels (BRU) and Geneva (GVA):

EK183 Dubai (DXB) 8:20am Departure → Brussels (BRU) 12:45pm Arrival

EK184 Brussels (BRU) 2:35pm Departure → Dubai (DXB) 12:15am (+1) Arrival

EK83 Dubai (DXB) 2:50pm Departure → Geneva (GVA) 6:55pm Arrival

EK84 Geneva (GVA) 8:40pm Departure → Dubai (DXB) 6:05am (+1) Arrival

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