SAS Eurobonus: Become A Vegetarian For 17% Trumf Bonus Points ?

For many of those who lives in Norway, we enjoy one of the highest standard of living in the world, with that high standard, comes with the most expensive retail prices on daily groceries. It’s not uncommon hearing Norwegian people going over the border to buy groceries in Sweden on a monthly basis.

Today, I am writing to you guys about the Trumf membership that existed solely in Norway, one of the reason make it so unique is that their partnership with SAS Eurobonus, for every 1 Kr Saldo you saved by purchasing at their stores like Kiwi, Meny, Joker, Spar and Jacobs, you can convert that to 13.88 Eurobonus points, this is a exciting new way to accumulate SAS Eurobonus points to redeem for premium cabin travel not only with SAS(Widerøe) but also the entire Star Alliance network (Excluding Singapore First Suite).

On normal terms, you can only get 1 % money back into your Trumf account which is very very very little return, however they do have regular promotion you can take advantage of, like 5% return at Joker every second Monday; 25% return at Spar Junior when you buy diapers and baby food. (Unfortunately I do no have a child nor would I want one soon in the near future, so it is times like this you feel like you need to reproduce, otherwise the title of this post would be called how to become a diaper user and baby food eater for 25% Trumf bonus points, hehe)

The most tempting offer of them all and that is actually practical is the 15% return on fruits and vegetables, you get these despite which date you have to buy the product, however there’s something else called Trippel-Trumf that you can combine with to get the maximum 18% of the purchase amount you will spend.

So fruits and vegetables are really good for our body, and eating less meat in many ways to saving our planet, most importantly, you get 18% on buying fruits and vegetables each time they have the Trippel-Trumf sale.

My Strategy:

If we say, in my cases, I use a decent amount of money on groceries and now I am shifting to a more green diet where you would spend around Kr 4000 a month on buying groceries and you just wait on Trippel-Trumf day to shop only, the calculation would be as follows.

One month: 4000 x 18% = 720 Saldo

One year: 720 x 12 = 8640 Saldo

Convert to Eurobonus points:

8640 x 13.88 = 119.923,2 Eurobonus Points

On their redemption chart, those points will sure allows you to get a return business class ticket to Asia or North America. I am not writing to say that you should become a vegetarian from tomorrow right away, but use more money on fruits and vegetable is definitely a healthy choice to make in life while you are on your way to pick up more Eurobonus points.

Other Options:

You can also accumulate points when you filled your gas in the car at Shell and Esso, although genuinely in Norway, Statoil is always the cheaper option for many people.

They also have a co-branded credit card you use to get 1% more return, which it could still be beneficial to some people. The money you get back are real money that can be used to purchase more groceries at their stores, but I wouldn’t consider that the best usage of those money, while it definitely cost more money to purchase Eurobonus points directly on SAS’s website than simply eating more fruits and vegetable.

What you guys think of the Trumf membership ? I am happy to hear your thoughts on it.

Stay tuned.


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