Finally, Inflight Smartphone Usage Will Be Allowed In China

It’s been said that the Chinese aviation authorities has been working on introducing new rules to allow smartphone usage inflight. The policy itself has been heavily contested as it’s rather outdated and illogical in today’s world.

Picture from ATW online

It looks like such policy has finally been revised and as per @ ChinaAviationReview, PED(personal electronic device) and mobile flight usage will be allowed at all phase of flight starting from Jan 18th 2018 onboard China Eastern Airlines(MU),(which is already in place local time in China) that includes take-off, taxi and landing.

When it was past 00:00 Jan 18th Beijing Time, the celebratory pictures from the same Twitter handle has proved the story to be true. Not only will this make flights to and within China so much more bearable, but also the amount of positive feedbacks Chinese carriers will get in the future will jump up a stage.

This is such great news, with China Eastern and Hainan Airlines having a head start, surely the rest of Chinese carriers will follow right after.


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