SAS Lifetime Gold Status Is Here (Finally)

It’s been years since Scandinavian Airlines plan to introduce life time gold membership with Eurobonus(Star Alliance Gold), and it’s finally here. As per Flysmart24, they will be sending out the very first Euro Bonus Gold Card which is valid for the the rest of life of the recipient.

The long-term scheme will formally be launched first until autumn, but the company has decided that a group of members who are already qualified gold cards will receive their cards during the spring.The new lifetime cards will be issued continuously throughout the spring, confirmed by Flysmart. It is the company’s most loyal customers who will be invited to receive the gold card for lifetime. To get the card, the holder must have been a gold card for 10 years.

The lifetime gold card from SAS will also guarantee all the benefits of the Star Alliance gold which is definitely practical to have.

To qualify for a gold card requires extensive travel activity by air, and issued for a yearly basis to those who reach the qualifying limit.The limit is that the member either accumulates 45,000 basis points in EuroBonus over a year or has flew 45 individual segments with SAS or on selected routes with Widerøe during the same period.(Star Alliance also.)

To receive the gold card for lifetime will require such activity in progress for 10 years which for SAS as relatively a boutique airline based in Scandinavia will make such status out of reach for many people reside outside the region.

Points accumulated as a result of using credit cards, car hire, hotel stays or other earning opportunities do not count. However, for those who have been close to qualifying for gold cards a year, it is possible to buy points to reach the annual qualifying limit. Obtaining the gold card after buying up to the limit will count as ordinary earnings.

Many who have the highest regular status level, diamond cards, have had the opportunity to give away one gold card to family or friend who have not been eligible. However, getting the gold card as a gift will not count towards the time period required to achieve a lifetime gold.

The gold card has a number of advantages. It gives the proprietor the right to use the fast track security at many airports, visit lounges at home and abroad with members of the Star Alliance, bring extra luggage for free, choose seat at ticket kiosk and earn more bonus points when flying.


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