Stay Report: Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Such visionary and unforgetable geometrical design, the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has one of the most unique facade and building structure in all of the Hilton hotels I’ve stayed at. For an airport hotel, they do have a exceptionally high rate, with over 200 Euros a night, the price is higher than many of the high end hotels in the city. Sure the building has an nice overview of the airport and a direct pathway connecting to the airport terminal, but so does Sheraton and those others.

It’s conveniently a short 10 minutes walk from the arrival terminal to the hotel, although I didn’t know that they had a indoor pathway connected directly, but the walk outside the building wasn’t that bad either, besides you get some fresh air. The building is very noticeable all around the airport, and the hotel is also quiet new. I was pretty much surprised by how beautiful and elegant the hotel lobby was, but it was very busy as well. It’s understandable as Amsterdam airport is one of the busiest in Europe, if not the world.

Picture from Hilton website

Check In:

As seen from the Youtube video I’ve made, you can see it was quiet busy during my time of arrival and with five out six the receptionist counters manned, all of them were busy helping other guests, but it was alright as I am next in line. It took around 3-5 minutes til I’ve got to check in as the receptionist were very dedicated to explain the practical information to guests.

He was very helpful as he started with some small talks and right after finding out that I am a diamond member, he also thanked my loyalty which is very professional. He informed that I am upgraded to the room with the airport view, which I original booked one with atrium view, it was a standard one category upgrade. I kindly asked if there would be any suite upgrade inventories available, he immediately said no. I complied with having the offer and he informed me upon some other information about the facilities at the hotel.

Here’s the key points about my stay:

Room: 1129

Original Room: King Guest Room with Atrium View

Upgraded Room: Executive Deluxe Room with Airport View

Stay Length: One night

Booking: Direct on Hilton App (2 days in advance)

The Room:

Unique geometric shaped window

Window view of Amsterdam Airport

Located on the 11th floor, with a view over the airport runway(tilted), I am quiet satisfied with what they assigned me. The room itself is spacious and big but being called a executive room, I did not see any extra amenities being provided other than being in the highest floor level. Of course it’s okay, but I would feel like surely they could have done something to differentiate among different room categories.

The design is trendy and fashionable as well as the Tiffany blue scheme which adds to the elegance of the entire property. The bed is big and comfortable, they also provide with some quiet special bathrobes.

A single armchair accompanied with a small coffee table which nowadays comes as standard for deluxe rooms across hotel chains.

A nice working area with a desk and a chair. Although it faces against the window which means in daylight, you wouldn’t be able to see your computer screen if you don’t shut the curtains.

One thing I had a big concern with the room it’s that I felt so much electric charges everywhere that every time my hand reach somewhere it got electrified for a second and it happened like a dozen times. I thought most hotels these days would do some sort of anti static coatings treatment to those metal door handles. Maybe it was just a very dry room or I am just very unfortunately not balanced with the charges in the room.


The bathroom is quiet big especially the shower, I bet it almost took half of the bathroom space. It has a gold door and an unique curved bathroom counter. Such smooth design and extremely fitting light.

One thing I didn’t understand it’s that the property is a 5-star hotel property, but they did not have a separately a wet area and a dry area in the bathroom. Not to mention it should be come as naturally to have a bathtub, or maybe combine both together, because they definitely get the space for it.


The mini-bar has a decent collection of beverages as the tea and coffee set is also conveniently packed together in the corner closet.

In the closet for clothes, I failed to find the bathrobes and flip-flops which made me curious if they provided any, then after five minutes of searching in the room, I realised they put it in the most unexpected place ever, it was under the sink in the bathroom.

The bathrobes is very special as it has the different sides with the inside has the normal cotton which helps absorb water and the outside has a silk quality fiber which feels definitely nice to touch.

My demonstration of the bathrobe. :)


Before I check out the hotel five in the morning, I managed to have a sneak peek of the gym facility, it wasn’t that big but it comes with all the functionalities you would need. It was quiet busy even though it was five in the morning, I am glad some people have the motivation to work out regularly. (Not me, not today, hehe.)

Executive Lounge:

The executive lounge is located at the 10th floor of the building and it as well has a great view of the airport runway. When I first visited the lounge, the fornt desk lady completely ignored me even though I smiled at her. I didn’t took it as a offensive matter and carried on.

I headed back to the lounge during happy hour which starts at 6:00 PM, she greeted me this time and I happily responded with a smile.

The happy hour spread is a decent collection of small food with highlights like shrimps and the crab-shaped snacks which tasted quiet nice. I am pretty sure you wouldn’t get full from those as that’s exactly the point of how they keep costs down, however, compared to many other lounges in Europe, I wouldn’t its bad, but definitely there’s room for improvement.


As I had a early flight to catch, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of the breakfast they can offer, but thoughtfully, they had a grab to go breakfast stand before 6 o’clock. They provide free breakfast for diamond members both in the executive lounge and the ground floor restaurant.

Bottom Line:

This Hilton property is definitely an ideal one to stay at when you need to catch a flight early at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. I do recommend do a comparison of different hotels they offer around the hotel at a economical standpoint. The airport is always busy and so is it for the hotel most of the time. However, if you are lucky enough to score a night under 190 Euros, it’s definitely worth it to stay with them.

I didn’t managed to try their Spa and swimming pool which on their website, it looked extremely nice. Maybe next time.

I also discovered the pathway connected to the airport terminal in the morning as it’s located one level up of the lobby floor and it connected all the hotels aligned next to one another straight to the airport. I have to say it’s very nicely done for all the connectivity.

Staff Experience: 7/10

Check-in Experience: 8/10

Loyalty Experience: 7/10

Overall Stay Experience: 7/10

Stay tuned, until next time. Leave a comment, thanks.


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