SkyCourt Lounge Review Budapest Airport,Hungary

The SkyCourt lounge in Budapest Airport is supposed to be the biggest business lounge in Budapest airport, as it was said so on their website.The lounge is operated by the Malév Ground Handling who is apparently the partner of many airlines at the airport.

My first impression of the lounge is that the entrance might be a little tacky, as clearly they put up a layer of protective film on the glass wall. The check in was done in a few minutes which includes a three to five minutes waiting time, as somehow the passenger before me had some issue with their cards.

The lounge has many amenities catered to different needs during travel.

Business area, features computers and printers.

The Food:

A decent selection of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

The soft drinks and juices are all packed in such family-size (huge) bottles, maybe it’s served Finno-Ugric style?

A decent collection of food serving, with some Hungarian speciality I guess, some tasted quiet nice as some others might too exotic to my taste bud. Overall a bunch of good serving options.

All the menu information are already been put up on the wall as part of their decor. At the so-called coffee corner, although you wouldn’t see some fancy coffee machine but all the normal coffee options are all provided.

Not only was the food and drinks served in large portion, the consumption was also done in fast pace. This is something I’ve never experienced as there were both foreign and local passengers in the lounge in a busy Monday afternoon. Everybody was constantly getting food from the serving counters, and what I saw was staff coming out of the kitchen with even more food to replenish.

The majority of newspaper and magazines are in Hungarian which I probably will never learn. They do not have the normal business traveller reading materials like Times, the Guardian etc.

There were a lot of seating area, and the sofa is huge compared to a normal one, below you can also see some dining table sets which is smaller.

I do have to admit the lounge is starting to showing its ages, as the wear and tear seemed to me happens at a much larger scale than other airport lounges I’ve been to. Seem the sofa leathering below.

Bottom Line:

The Budapest airport isn’t necessarily one of the biggest in Europe, but for an airport with a large passenger traffic flow, the SkyCourt lounge serves as an important service provider. It might not have a shower or serves caviar. But it satisfy the many functionalities a business traveler desires.

If you are visiting the airport anytime soon, remember to check out their rooftop terrace, it’s a perfect location for plane-spotting, besides, it also has a bar there.

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