Stay Report: Hilton Gdansk,Poland (No Lounge)

Til this day, you would think it’s normal for any Hilton chain hotel to feature an executive lounge, however this is not the case with Hilton Gdansk. First I would have to admit that the property itself isn’t necessarily in a large building complex. So by having a mere over 100 rooms might excuse them from having a lounge; besides their service was in no way anything less of Hilton standards.

Check In:

I arrived at the hotel’s waterfront entrance, only to be surprised how small this property really is, so when the male receptionist was introducing my diamond status benefits to me, I asked again upon the possibility of being upgraded to a suite, although I’ve already done the check in through their app and preselect the room.

He told me in smile that they are fully booked, and the presidential suite is also occupied. I was happy with the explanation and proceed to my room. The front desk staff was very kind and the entire process took around five minutes which is just perfect to my taste, as the receptionist done his job in a fast pace while not forget to smooth up relationships with customers either.

Welcome Gift:

It’s quiet normal for diamond members to receive welcome gift in room, although it’s not a requirement. I was very pleased what they have prepared.

A small box with four pieces of chocolate accompanied withe a print out welcome letter.

In addition to that, they’ve prepared a bottle of red wine as well. Although I didn’t end drinking the whole bottle by myself, I would still consider it a good gesture.

The Room:

During the process of in app check in, they’ve preassigned a room at the fourth floor, which supposedly had normal height ceilings, but during the check in process at the hotel, the receptionist kindly noted to me that the room is quiet nice as unlike other rooms it comes with the desk next to the window, he suggested that I will get a good view if I decide to work on the desk.

Other than the ceiling angle, I had nothing to complain about the room itself, the room is clean and nicely furnished.

They’ve also managed to put a single armchair sofa next to the TV stand and they’ve prepared four bottles of complimentary water, which is very nicely done.

The desk area was also nicely set, it worked around the angle of wall and ceiling in the room and didn’t make the space cramped at all.

I have to admit it is indeed a very nice view outside overseeing the port of Gdansk.

A sofa set opposite of the desk.

The view outside the window, with numerous construction sites underway.

There are some very nice restaurants on this side of the river bank and they are quiet popular at night.

As I said, unsure about how the rooms in other floors look like, they also reshape the side closet, a quiet smart one here.

The Bathroom:

The bathroom does not has separation between bathtub and shower, it would all be fine, however, if you are trying to take a shower, you would have to hold the shower head yourself with one hand, which is not very practically deigned here.

The bathtub which the shower head only hooked next to the water tap.

Amenities kits in the bathroom which is quiet standard for Hilton.

Although you can see water marks on the counter marble, the counter has been throughly cleaned after my test of using a tissue trying to wipe the mark away.

The toilet in the bathroom.


Snacks displayed above the minibar cabinet.

Minibar spread, with liquor, beer and beverages, enough varieties and also great quality.

Some glasses are conveniently placed next to the minibar.

Amenities inside the closet.

It looked a bit strangely placed when you see the tea and coffee kettle set inside the closet here. But it looked alright, as long as you don’t try to cook water inside it.

The safe inside the closet.


I got the opportunities to try out the Spa treatment as this Hilton property and the fitness centre as well, nothing is big at this property, the spa area was smartly done to create more space, and the gym is also quiet small.

The Spa treatment was cheap and they had discounted offers as well, the overall experience wasn’t that top notch take into consideration the money you would pay for it.

Although the gym was small, but it had many of the things you would need, this is not a gym where you would see rows in rows of training equipment at your dispense but you would have a decent workout here.


I thought they are not going to acknowledge my importance here since they didn’t had an executive lounge, so I was not hoping for anything over the top for the breakfast experience. The first morning of breakfast was delivered by a team of well-trained servers, they are dedicated and spontaneous, when I wandered around the breakfast buffet area, it took me a while to find a seat, but shortly when I’ve done so, I notice a small tag appeared on my table which stated my Dimond member status, this is such a great way to allow the waiters to differentiate customers without making too big of a statement here. The breakfast buffet offering was also great, not only you can help yourself with many of the servings, you can also order from a menu which can be delivered to your table. Another great touch here.

There are decent amount of seating space in the restaurant and I saw everybody haded a great time.

Breakfast seating area.

However, as I was completely blown away by the first morning’s breakfast experience, I was treated like garbage on the second morning, I am not exaggerating here, the food was equally good, but apparently another team of servers who are having resentment towards me asking to order form the menu, and also they just standing there talking and laughing to each other without saying hi and goodbye to customers. The most memorable thing that highlighted the first morning’s experience was also gone – the dimond tag was never once present to my table nor anyone else’s table as I can see.

I guess sometimes it really sucks when quality of service remain inconisistent.

Bottom Line:

Hilton Gdansk is overall a great property to stay at, Gdansk is a very affordable city and they have great things to offer, although it might discourage some from staying at a property without a lounge, I would say that the property has more than just that to offer. Poland is quiet dependent towards tourists from other EU countries to sustain their economy, thus sometimes I can’t help but feel that many staff at the hotel were trying to get Euros out of you. I guess you just got to be careful sometimes.

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