Eventyr Lounge Copenhagen,Denmark Review

The Eventyr Lounge is a fairly new lounge at Copenhagen airport, I didn’t know that there won’t be access for SAS lounge after passport control and it would be a huge hassle to go though that again then I decide to check out this lounge instead. If you are flying with non-star alliance carriers to non-schengen countries, there are two other lounges available as well, but overall I would say this one is definitely the best.

The lounge is not very busy as long-haul flight slots are quiet evened-out at Copenhagen, besides the majority of those flights are SAS-operated. The cost of admission is at 300DKK, it’s an alright price to pay if you are planning a long layover at the airport.

The staff are very nice, they are not extra kind towards everything you ask but they are definitely not like some of those airline agents who take offence with everything you say.

The lounge is located on top of the terminal pier which is surrounded by windows that give you great 180 degree view of aircraft movement over the taxiways. The lounge is quiet spacious judging by that outbound long haul passengers number is not that huge, though its claimed on their website that the area gets around 15,000 pax traffic daily.

I liked the green vegetation walling and natural wood furnishing, part of the interior featured in the lounge is designed by famous Erik Jørgensen and Hay, although I like simplistic Scandinavian design in general, this lounge has done a great job of standing out on its own.

The Seating Area:

There are plenty of seating space and different layouts are offered across the area.

Seating sets on the side which gives you a panoramic view over aircraft movement outside.

There are also some huge comfortable-looking leather lay-flat sofa sets which were all occupied by sleepy passengers thus I didn’t manage to get pictures.

The Food:

In Denmark, it’s normal to expect the cold bread and ham and cheese offering during anytime of the day, as that’s what many people eat for three meals a day.

They do have several options to add onto your bread slices and some of them tasted great.

The hot food option were chicken-based appetisers, at first I thought that’s what they offer all day long, It tasted alright but that’s not something I would keep throwing into my stomach; but later I noticed that when the food is consumed they will change the tray with other dishes which is very service-minded.

Cake offering in the lounge.

Fruit basket in the lounge.

Tomato soup offering in the lounge.

A great selection of beverages and liquor.

Coffee machine which covers all your caffeine needs.

Several options of Danish beers.

Soft drinks machine.

Another coffee machine set in the lounge.

Wine dispenser further inside the lounge.

The Shower:

For an airport lounge to offer shower facilities is not a norm in Europe, especially in Scandinavia. Airlines like Emirates choose this lounge for their premium passengers which says something about the quality of service and hard product they are pursuing here.

A large and clean shower room space.

Shower amenities has to be asked for at the receptionist desk and if you think they forgot to include toothpaste, you are wrong, as that was also my initial thought, I was just going to use it to dry-brush my teeth without using any paste; however as I was scratching my teeth with that thing, foam came out of my mouth right away. I was totally surprised by the smart design besides that’s not gonna generate any waste at all.

Bottom Line:

This lounge offers many amenities any airline lounge would offer, besides they got great views for avgeeks out there. If you get access by holding a ticket or status with any their partner airlines, definitely plan some time ahead to enjoy all it can offer, but would I spend another 300DKK to come back to the lounge? Probably not, now I know that I should visit the SAS lounge before passport control, so the morale of the story here is that don’t waste what you have access to, instead of paying what might be a stretch in terms of (almost) the same offering.

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