Gdansk Airport Lounge Review Poland

Gdansk isn’t necessarily a big city, but during my short visit, I can’t help but notice how new everything is, from brand new hotel buildings and sleek-looking airport facilities, along with many more projects under construction, I am sure Gdansk will become an even more popular destination.

The airport is not big either, and many check-in counters are still wrapped in plastics, it’s never a long queue anywhere you go, so it is a wonderful experience even without lounge access.

The lounge is located at the corner of the departure gate level, and you can access it with airline status and other partners like priority pass. The check-in was done at the bar and the two ladies working there were very nice.

You can order drinks mixed by them directly choosing from the liquor displayed on the shelf in the back.

The packaged sandwiches and cake display.

Snacks spread in the self-helping area which features many Polish delights and it was interesting to try them.

Soft drinks and juices, nicely displayed in the cooler they even had energy drinks and yogurt.

Beer display in the cooler.

Coffee machine.

Magazines display, they’ve done a great job here as they offered many reading materials in English.

Business centre with computers.

The lounge seating area is not huge, but they provide enough seating space and the leather sofa chair is extremely comfortable.

Bottom Line:

The lounge is fairly new although the staff informed me that it has been opened for serval years now. They offer a great selection of food and beverages for an airport that mainly serve European flights. You wouldn’t get anything extraordinary but the staff’s kindness made up for all the imperfections. I wouldn’t recommend come to the lounge early, but it’s a quiet place to relax and maybe grab a drink before your flight.

This will be a fairly short review and there generally isn’t much to say, as I don’t hate anything with this lounge in particular. Hope you’ve enjoyed this short and comprehensive review.

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