Use SAS Youth Tickets To Attain Star Alliance Lifetime Gold Status

  • Do you want to become a Star Alliance lifetime gold member before hitting mid-life crisis?

  • Do you believe that it would be financially-draining even though if you had the energy?

  • Do you think it would be an impossible flying schedule even if you can pull off the money?

Youth ticket on SAS's website

Well, worry not, Albert is here to enlighten you.

Are you also happened to be Young, Dumb and kind of Broke?

Young, by young, I mean you have to be over 12 years old but under 26. In this way, you fit into the eligible bracket perfectly to purchase SAS youth ticket.

Dumb, by dumb, I mean you sort of have to fly exclusively with SAS in order to get the most Eurobonus points, as it would be more cost-effective to fly long haul, thus you would have to or from fly only the following destinations to get 4500 Eurobonus points each segment: Hongkong, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, Tokyo.

Broke(kind of), by broke, I mean either you are still a student or you just entered into the job market, or maybe you are an established winner in life and are looking into this for your offsprings. SAS youth ticket on long haul generally cost you around 2600NOK (320USD) return trip include one transfer between the Scandinavian hubs.

Example of youth ticket pricing.

So, by now, you would probably fit part of the criteria above or if you are a lucky bastard you would fit all of it.

Here’s the cheapest possible plan:

Year 1:

Fly five return long haul tickets to one of the six destinations with one transfer within Scandinavia.

For example: Oslo – Stockholm – Hong Kong – Stockholm – Oslo

Do this for five times within one qualifying year.

(Bear in mind everyone’s qualifying period is different starting from the month you sign up)

You first year Eurobonus points earning would be something like this:

(4500+250) x 2 x 5 = 47500 Basic Points

Your first year’s cost to flying solely for points would be:

2600 NOK x 5 = 13,000 NOK equivalent to 1591 USD.

However, this does not include ground transportation and hotel costs, and other living costs like food etc. In Scandinavia, 13,000 NOK is fairly easy to pull off even for a young student, a weekend job for two months or a summer job for two weeks can easily get you that; at least in Norway.

Year 2:

Fly four return long haul tickets to one of the six destinations with one transfer within Scandinavia.

You would only need to fly four returns as you would hit gold status for the first year, and you would be able to earn 25% extra basic points based on that, yes, basic points that will qualify for your status next year.

Your second year Eurobonus points earning:

(4500+250) x 125% x 2 x 4 = 47500 Basic Points.

Second year’s cost:

2600 NOK x 4 = 10400 NOK equivalent to 1273 USD.

You would be able to enjoy fast track, priority boarding and lounge benefits throughout your travel from the second year and it would cost you less as well. You might even get courtesy upgrades for free from SAS go to Plus or even Business if you are extremely lucky.

Year 3 -10:

Continue year 2 plan for another 8 years, and then Lifetime Star Alliance Gold Status will be yours to keep forever.

The Reality:

Of course you can’t do that for 10 years,You would have to be 15 now if you want to do this for ten years straight, so the more practical thing to is just to do this as long as you can enjoy so.

Yes, you might find this article a little bit click-baiting, but think of it as this, you could be in high school or university right now, and you would want to get a head-start in ensuring comfort and flexibility in your career life, so after turning 26, you might find yourself in a much better position among your colleagues when going on hectic business trips.

SAS plus on long haul flights

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  1. According to this, you’re able to earn the full amount of EuroBonus points with SAS Youth flights. Do you know if this is true? I’m currently trying to book SAS Youth flights to Hong Kong and it says that each flight will only earn 300 points.

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