Should SAS Eurobonus Become A Cryptocurrency?

A video interview with SAS’s finance director Torbjørn M. Wist came out this noon with the catchy title mentioning the lately overused concept of cryptocurrency. Other than my distaste of the interviewer in the video trying so hard on feed the word crypto-everything into his mouth just so he can write this title, there are two interesting and exciting facts being mentioned here where SAS will come up with:

  • A new web platform to allow booking award travel within the Star Alliance network.

  • The possibility of family pooling, even trading Eurobonus points with other members.

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The last question asked was about the new feature where different members can combine Eurobonus points to book award travel, the interviewer jokingly asked whether this will be the cryptocurrency within the airline industry? Torbjørn laughed at told him it’s a bit too far (for now).

You can watch the video yourself here,(only in Norwegian) for those of you who don’t speak Norwegian, here’s the entire interview transcript translated by me in English.

J:“Kan du forteller litt om nyvinningene i Eurobonus-programmet som skal komme de neste årene?”

J:“Can you tell (us) a bit about the new innovations in the Eurobonus program that will come in the next few years?” ”

T:“Eurobonus er et konsept som vi utvikler hele tiden, det jeg synes er veldig spennende nå er arbeidet rundt den digitale plattformen som hvor for eksempel hvor våre medlemer kan nå se bonusreisene tidligere også har mulighet til å bestille bonusreiser med våre Star Alliance-partnerer på en enklere måte.”

T: “Eurobonus is a concept we are developing all the time. What I think is very exciting now is (we are) working with the digital platform that, for example, where our members can now see award space earlier and also have the opportunity to book award travel with our Star Alliance partners in an easier way. “

J:“So kommer også en ny plattform, en nettside, til høsten. Hva er det for noe?”

J: “So (you are) also (coming with) a new platform, a website, in the fall. What is that about?”

T:“Dette er en videreutvikling av eurobonus-plattformen hvor folk vil ha anledning til å bestille bonusreiser med SAS og andre Star Alliance-partnere. Det vil også gi mulighet til “pooling´´ av poeng.”

T: “This is a further development of the eurobonus platform, where people will have the opportunity to book award travel with SAS and other Star Alliance partners. It will also allow for pooling of points. “

J:“Hva innebærer det her som er enkelt sagt ?”

J: “What does this mean to put in simple terms?”

T:“Forskjellige medlemmer kan slå sammen poeng, for å bestille bonusreiser, for eksempel.”

T: “Different members can merge points, to order award travel, for example.”

J:“Eller at man kan handle poeng med hverandre?”

J: “Or people can trade (points) with each other?”

T:“For eksempel.”

T: “Or something like that”

J:“Er det en slags av kryptovaluta for flybransjen dette?”

J: “Is that a type of cryptocurrency for the airline industry?”

T:“Det er vel kanskje drar det litt vel langt.”

T: “It might well be a bit far (ahead).”

J: Jacob Trumpy T: Torbjørn M. Wist

Picture from SAS: All rights reserved to SAS

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