(Conflicted) Stay Report: Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre Review

Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre is a selective service property by IHG, though the location might be central, but it’s of walking distance to the main tourist area. In facts, there are only residential blocks around the hotel, I would consider being careful around the property at night. Other than that, this might well be one of the best Holiday Inn properties out there.


Check In

I arrived at the hotel around 11:00 am and was not expecting a room to be ready since it’s a Holiday Inn, but to my surprise, the female receptionist did a quick search on her end, and BANG: “We have a room ready for you right now, Sir.”

She immediately recognised my Platinum Status and greeted me right away for my loyalty. Other than being assigned to a room to the highest floor, I was also given access to a entire mini-bar for free.( As mentioned by her) The check-in process was smooth and swift, as I have to run other errands in the city, I quickly went up and left my luggages there.

Practical Info

Length: One night stay (early check-in)

Booked Room Category: Standard Guest Room

Upgraded Room Category: King Executive Room

Room Number: 1606

Booking Made: IHG App

IHG Rewards Tier: Platinum

Lobby Bar Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

The entire property looks new and clean, its contemporary design made the place stand out among the building’s surroundings. As a Platinum member, you may choose between points or a free drink at the lobby bar as your welcome amenity. Although I opt out on the drink, come to think of it, I would might spend some time at the lobby bar.

The Conflict

As I was only planning to drop off my luggage and go, I quickly took a glance at the mini-bar, it was well stocked with a dozen soft drinks and a entire row of hard liquor bottles; in addition to that, a selection of snacks are also placed inside. Unfortunately I do not have a picture to prove what exactly was in the mini-fridge as never would I thought the stunt they pulled off later on.

What I didn’t know at first was, the room I was upgraded to has free mini-bar for all of its guests, so as I was grateful for their gesture at first. I didn’t know until I read on their website that free mini-bar is included in each executive room.

Still, they could choose to upgrade me without the benefit of the free mini-bar. I would still be unaware of it til now.

The Room

The size of the room is not necessarily large, but they’ve utilised every space possible so it kept all the functionalities.

Standard Room, Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Nightstand, Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Bed,Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

The bed looked comfortable, and the size of the bed is decent for me, the handwritten note by the housekeeping team is a very thoughtful touch.

Thoughtful Note by the Housekeeping Team, Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Night Stand Telephone, Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Night stand next to the bed.

Working desk, Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Menu and Espresso Machine, Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

The desk in the room has an espresso machine which It’s not included in the standard rooms.

TV, Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Closet amenities in room, ironing, safe, slippers and robes at Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

The bathroom door conveniently served as the door for the closet, as when you close the door for the closet, the bathroom would stay open with no door to be found.

The closet features amenities that you would also found at many full service chains, like slippers and ironing board, as well as a safe.

The Conflicted

I went back to my room around 10 PM, only to realise that the mini-bar has been swapped with a lot less than what I first saw in the morning.

I get it that the hotel are trying to save money, also they are doing a great job by offering this to its guests. But I would find it more acceptable if they’ve done this before I checked-in.

Glasses and coffee cups on the shelf

The shelf for glasses and the mini-bar is embedded into the wall to save space.

Espresso Capsules and tea kettle sets.

Espresso capsules and tea kettle sets. Note that the espresso machine is a local brand if that has any bearing over how you choose your stay.

The Mini-bar when I come back at night, Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Here you go, what originally has been above and beyond has come down from grace to simply have something is better than nothing.

I understand that they can play the game of hide and seek all day long, but if they are trying to win customers’ loyalty over this, I doubt whether this has helped them leave positive impressions among guests.

At this point, I believe my ranting has to stop and I called the front desk to explain the situation, and the answer I got was only a even bigger disappointment, the statement I got was intransitive.

So I decided to just let it go.

The Bathroom

Since it’s a Holiday Inn, you would have to lower your expectation before making remarks. Of course, they do not feature a bathtub in the bathroom. But a clean and new shower facility is provided.

Sink area, bathroom, Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Sink, shower amenities, towels at Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

The sink is simple and minimalist but includes decent amenities and towels stockings.

Shower, Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Shower amenities, and hand towels.

Especially their shower amenities, it smelled great and worked very well too. The shower amenities’ brand is called Prija, it’s definitely not the fanciest brand out there, but I did enjoyed the overall product.

Bathroom glasses. Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Hair found on towels,Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Another displeasure out of my stay was that I found other people’s hair in the towelings. Yak!

The Breakfast

I didn’t book the rate with breakfast included, but it looks like they offer it to all of its guests anyway. I am not saying all Holiday Inn properties has it.

The breakfast was decent and they even had a omelette stand. Not much to complain here.

Fruit jams at breakfast.

Cold plates of cheese and sausage, seasoned fish.

Cold plate spread, a decent selection.


Salad bar.

Yogurt and salad bar.

Tea sets.

Coffee machine.

Tea sets & coffee machine.

Milks and Juices.

Milk and juice.


Boiled Eggs.

Eggs, though the omelette stand had nobody working there during my breakfast visit.

Bacons, sausages, and potatoes.

Hot dishes for breakfast.

Sauces, and cutleries.


Cereal station.

Cereal station.

Even more milks.

More milk.

Overall the breakfast was top notch for a Holiday Inn. Though some offerings varies in quality, but Poland is a very affordable country.(Just saying)

The Mini Gym

Also located at the top floor, a mini gym is offered, though I found it to be of decent size, compared to my last experience with Hilton Gdansk, this one might be bigger. It’s very humble of them to call it a mini-gym IMO.

Gym facilties.

Treadmills in the mini gym.

Lifting sets.

The gym is well stocked with towels and features a water dispenser as well.

Towel and gym sink.

Bottom Line:

Without the mini-bar swap stunt they pulled off, this property can easily be one of the best Holiday Inns in Europe. It’s close to the central tourist area of Warsaw and offer great value to your money. There are also plenty of other good opportunities out there in the city, so I wouldn’t say you would have to stay here.

As always, Holiday Inns do not get detailed ratings in my reviews, but stay tuned.


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