Hilton Announces Its 16th Brand – Motto by Hilton

Hilton today announced its newest affordable lifestyle brand, which is more hostel-inspired, is expecting to open its first property in Marylebone, London in 2020.

Motto By Hilton Queen Bed Room
Motto By Hilton Queen Bed Room

It’s claimed that Hilton does not want guests to share bunk beds and bathrooms with strangers. Instead by employing innovative design and technology, they are able to offer guests with great flexibilities such as adjacent rooms that can be easily linked up.

You may access their FIVE STEPS TO MOTTO guide on the concept of the new brand.

Prominent Features:

  • Prime Locations: It’s about giving travelers access to the best location – being in the heart of the city and in the most popular neighborhoods. Right neighborhoods make a difference.
  • Authenticity: What does it mean to be “here”? Locality breeds identity, community, and ultimately, a sense of place.
  • Affordability: Competitive rates that open the doors to cities and locations that travelers didn’t think they could afford.
  • Flexibility: One size doesn’t fit all — choice is paramount. Multi-purpose spaces are growing in popularity because of the flexibility they afford.


  • Guest Rooms: With an average footprint of 163 square feet or 14 square meters, the highly efficient rooms will include space-saving features such as wall-beds, lofted beds, segmented shower and toilet stalls, and multi-functional furniture that can be discreetly stowed when not in use.
  • Linking Rooms: Eliminating the hassle of coordinating travel for larger groups, Motto by Hilton hotels will have the option for guests to book multiple connecting rooms in advance.
  • Split-payments: Motto by Hilton hotels will allow guests to split payments between more than one person at the time of booking, avoiding the sometimes-complicated math exercise during checkout.
  • Connected Room: All Motto by Hilton rooms will be outfitted with Hilton’s Connected Room technology – the first mobile-centric hotel offering that allows guests to control features in their room (i.e., temperature, lighting, TV, window coverings, etc.) from their Hilton Honors mobile app.
  • Curated Sleep Experience: Motto by Hilton hotels will put an emphasis on a premium sleep experience. Whether it is a premium mattress; a Sleep Kit with eye masks, essential oils or vitamin bars; a white noise app; blackout window shades; or sound absorbing materials throughout the room, Motto by Hilton is sleep-obsessed and prioritizes quality sleep for every traveler.


Members of Hilton Honors would also be able to enjoy instant benefits with the Motto by Hilton brand, but it certainly will be very limited. I see this as a great way to attain status if each “affordable” night at these properties would help you get stays, nights and points credited to your account.

Motto Wall Bed
Motto Wall Bed

What’s your thoughts on this?

Stay tuned.

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