What Is Marriott Platinum Five Star Status?

After the merge with Starwood in August this year, Marriott has introduced the following tier levels for members to earn:

  • Member
  • Silver Elite
  • Gold Elite
  • Platinum Elite
  • Platinum Premier Elite
  • Platinum Premier Elite with Ambassador

All the of the above status offers elevated level of benefits to members who has stayed enough nights to achieve it. However, while I was browsing through some reviews for certain properties, a new category has been listed as Platinum Five Star.

In case many of you don’t know either, here’s the info I can dig up on this status.

“Plat 5 star status is only for a very, very few people out there. It is basically someone who either lives at a high end Marriott property, a person on the Board of Directors of Marriott or some other influential person (like Mitt Romney). It appears the designation is given by Mr. Marriott personally.”


“our team confirmed that the Platinum Five Star is not a status members can earn. It is a VIP status.”


I am curious to see what kind of benefits Platinum Five Star elites get at Marriott properties, maybe they can just forgone the hassle of fulfill nights requirement each year and still enjoy normal Platinum benefits? or maybe they are even more prioritized than Platinum Premier Elite with Ambassador elites as if they are already the exclusive few?

Leave a comment and stay tuned.

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