Flight Review: LOT Polish Airlines B737-800 Business Class Warsaw to Frankfurt

Nowadays, Intra-European business class is a product that existing for the sole purpose of just existing, it helps legacy carriers to stand apart from other low-cost ones. While having practically the same cramped seats as economy, airlines are able to adopt it to maximise potential on their premium-offering network.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Class Check-In Area
LOT Polish Airlines Business Class Check-In Area

In addition to the already sub-par hard product, on short-haul flights like this, it’s even harder for you to be treated with a soft product that’s of redeemable qualities. Though, LOT Polish Airlines here has managed to offer something quiet decent compared to its European counterparts.IMG_9386 2

Practical Info

LOT Polish Airlines Premium Area Sign
LOT Polish Airlines Star Alliance Gold Sign
  • LO 379
  • Warsaw(WAW) – Frankfurt(FRA)
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Business Class Seat 1F
  • Award Booking

Check In

LOT Polish Airlines Premium Check In Area Overview
Premium Check In Area Overview

Warsaw Chopin Airport’s terminals are still quiet new and modern since its opening, and as the hub operator, LOT Polish Airlines offers an exclusive premium check-in area for Star Alliance elites and business passengers.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Class Check-In Area Inside
Business Class Check-In Area Inside

The agent handled me was well-informed and explained everything I needed to know about my journey. Although there were two younger staff who were guarding the entry ignored me completely and were busy chit-chatting to each other, but that’s alright, they are just enjoying themselves by not working on the customer front.

Fast Track Security

Warsaw Airport LOT Star Alliance Fast Track Security
Fast Track Security

The fast track security is also conveniently located right behind the premium check-in area, after scanning your ticket, you are able to go through security point quiet easily, although it can be some queueing here as well.


LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Entrance
Business Lounge Entrance

You may access LOT Polish Airlines lounge at the second floor of the departing level, which can be entered with your Star Alliance elite memberships in addition to holding a premium ticket.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Polonez Sign
Business Lounge Polonez Sign

The boarding gate is right under the lounge, so there were not that much walking for me for this entire journey. However, I did not see a priority boarding line, after presenting my ticket, I was allowed to skip the queue and board immediately.

LOT Polish Airlines Boarding Gate View
Boarding Gate View

To my surprise, I was only priority-boarding to a shuttle bus, not the aircraft.

LOT Polish Airlines B738 On Stand
LOT Polish Airlines B738 On Stand

So after waiting for half of the plane to get on the shuttle bus, I was finally on board the aircraft, though not the first few passengers, ironically.


My seat 1F was on the first row with extended leg room, though the tray table would be under the armrest instead. Nothing to complain about the design, but the seat is anything far from being enjoyable.

LOT Polish Airlines B738 Business Class Cabin Layout
Business Class Cabin Layout

The business class cabin is just normal economy seats with red head covers. While LOT Polish Airlines also creatively offers premium economy seating with just a blue head cover instead.

Other than this, they don’t get meal service either, not sure if there’s actually a market for such division. This is more of comfort seating on other airlines that comes with a higher seat selection fee; but I am letting you on a secret here, a well-known social code actually, Star Alliance gold members often get to sit in premium economy for free during airport check-ins.

The cabin design is simple and bright, though not worthy of getting any compliments. Hehe

Inflight Meal

LOT Polish Airlines Short-haul Business Class Wet Tissue
Wet Tissue

Once boarded, I was offered a packaged wet tissue instead of a hot towel, but that’s alright.

Before taking off, the flight attendant kindly offered me newspaper to pick and a departure drink.

LOT Polish Airlines B738 Business Class Sparkling Water
Sparkling Water

Shortly after air-born, the lady first asked me if I wanted some snacks, and I was given some peanuts and dry carrot slices, the exact same packages you get from their lounge.

LOT Polish Airlines Short-haul Business Class Snacks Before Meal Service
Snacks Before Meal Service

I am not sure but I do think you can also choose something from their menu onboard, which economy passengers have to pay for.

I was the first one to be offered meal service, unfortunately I found out that my seat’s foldable table is unstable and the tray plate would slide away as the plane moves.

LOT Polish Airlines B738 Business Class Tilted Seat Table
Tilted Seat Table

Luckily no one was sitting next to me, so I was able to enjoy my meal from that seat.

LOT Polish Airlines Short-haul Business Class Food Service
Short-haul Business Class Food Service

The meal service was cold plate offerings with heated bread choices, everything tasted alright to my surprise, the fruit was fresh and the salmon was slimy and refreshing.

LOT Polish Airlines Short-Haul Business Class Menu & Beverages
Business Class Menu & Beverages

After the main course, you get coffee and Lindt chocolate as dessert, though not too much quality to speak of about the offering itself, but the flight attend was extremely kind and attentive.

Other Amenities

The toilet is not exclusive to business cabin only, but since most passengers choose to use the one in the back of the plane anyway, the toilet was clean and well maintained throughout the flight.

LOT Polish Airlines B738 Toilet Sink
Toilet Sink

Other than the tilted table on my seat, the flight has been very enjoyable.

LOT Polish Airlines B738 Business Class First Row Seat Table (Unstable)
First Row Seat Table (Unstable)

Up In The Air

LOT Polish Airlines Business Class Taxiing View
LOT Polish Airlines Business Class Taxiing View
LOT Polish Airlines B738 Business Class Window View Mid-Air
Window View Mid-Air
LOT Polish Airlines Window View
Window View

Shortly after zoning out into the clouds outside my windows, it was time to land.

LOT Polish Airlines B738 Business Class Candy Before Landing
Candy Before Landing
The female attendant quickly come around with a small basket of candy, and I gladly grabbed one with a sense of enjoyment.


This LOT Polish Airlines flight has been short and sweet, there are not many things airlines can experimenting with these days, so the soft product of service is vital for a good flight experience; but I think the crew on this flight have done a wonderful job.

LOT Polish Airlines B738 Approaching Frankfurt City
Approaching Frankfurt City
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