Turkish Airlines Moves To New Airport With A New Brand Image

Turkish Airlines, which has a global route in 122 countries, will transfer all flights to the new Istanbul airport by 14 o’clock (local time) on April 6 this year, which will be a landmark relocation in Turkish aviation history. A few days ago, Turkish Airlines showed its brand new brand image to the world.

When the new Istanbul airport was scheduled to open last year, in order to commemorate this history, Turkish Airlines announced the update and upgrade of the company’s brand identity, and designed and processed the graphics and fonts in the logo.

This time, with the help of design consulting firm Imagination, Turkish Airlines achieved a further update of the brand, using a new wave graphic to reflect the seven continents of the world.

Established in 1933, Turkish Airlines is a state-owned airline in Turkey. By 2018, the airline has opened flights to 304 regions in 122 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America, making it a One of the airlines with the most flights in the world. At present, Turkish Airlines’ hub airports are Istanbul-Ataturk Airport and Ankara Airport.

The new logo refines the “goose” in the old version of the circle. The size of the “goose” has become smaller, the shape has been slightly adjusted, closer to the center of the circle than before, and it does not touch the rounded edge too much.

The fonts in the new logo are also rounded, and the text color is white, forming a red and white core tone.

Along with the new logo, there are also seven lines of wave diagrams that symbolize the seven continents and aim to emphasize the international character of Turkish Airlines. At the intersection of the seven wavy lines is the main symbol, representing Turkey Airlines’ central location in global air travel.

The new brand image retains red because it has always been the representative color of Turkish Airlines and is well known to the public, and the purpose of using rose gold is to create a feeling of “advanced” and “unique”.

Imagination has also designed a new set of flat icons for Turkish Airlines that cover the various elements of the aviation experience, including storing luggage and items subject to airport security checks.

The new brand logo has begun to be promoted. Starting with signs, road signs, check-in counters and other internal touch points at the new airport in Istanbul, Turkey, in the coming months, the new logo will also appear on digital platforms including employee uniforms, aircraft interiors, websites and social media. Advertising materials and related products. Imagination has also developed a program for Turkish Airlines that will continue to mark new slogans on products such as slippers and blankets for passengers.

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