Radisson To Open Four New Hotels In China This Year.

The Radisson Hotels Group claimed that they have maintained consistently outstanding performance in the Chinese market in 2018, with a 2% increase in overall operating gross profit (GOP). This achievement is attributed to the fact that the Chinese team always implements the “quick and effective” operating concept in actual business operations, which enables the overall operational performance and revenue of the hotel in China to be improved while improving the satisfaction of the guest experience. In order to achieve the ideal return on investment of the owner. Radisson Hotels Group in China will continue to deepen this philosophy and plan to achieve more competitive performance targets by 2019.

In the face of today’s increasingly fierce market competition and more expectations and demands from the owners, the business philosophy of the Chinese team is constantly advancing with the times, while at the same time clearly recognizing that all links are “efficient”. It is extremely important to improve performance and achieve goals. Therefore, the China team will use “quick and effective” as the core concept of operation management, and implement a series of measures aimed at integrating and optimizing resources and fully driving operational capabilities. The China team optimized the staff structure and carried out more refined management and training for employees, so that the value of each human resource can be maximized. The overall flat organizational structure of the group allows the China office and Asia Pacific headquarters’ communication and decision-making is more direct and effectiv, which has greatly improved the efficiency of implementation. With the concept of “fast and effective” infiltrating from the group to the various departments of the hotel, it effectively helps each hotel to improve its operational capabilities and performance, and also guarantees good operating income.

In the outstanding operation and income performance, Radisson Hotels Group has won the recognition and support of guests and partners in the Chinese market, especially the owners. Mr. Ye Shizhen, Vice President of Operations of Radisson Hotels Group in China, said: “The team in China has been constantly summarizing and practicing, improving operational capabilities, enhancing guest satisfaction and hotel revenue. Radisson Hotels Group always thinks about what guests think and thinks about the owners. Through strict operation, we implement stricter brand quality supervision, improve hotel quality, and actively promote the healthy and sustainable development of the brand, providing guests with an accommodation experience that exceeds expectations and bringing more favorable benefits to the owners.”

Since the announcement of the strategic five-year action plan in 2018, Radisson Hotels Group has continued to accelerate the pace of global expansion. As the main growth point of the Chinese market, its development is crucial. At present, the Group’s Radisson Blu, Radisson, Park Plaza and Park Inn by Radisson brands have settled in China and are currently operating 17 hotels. In 2018, Radisson Hotels Group opened new hotels in three key second-tier cities in China – Radisson Zhengzhou, Radisson Suzhou and Radisson Ningbo Beilun. It is expected that there will be 4 new hotels in 2019. The fast-growing core cities are unveiled one by one.

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