Qatar Airways Announces Its Active Airbus A380 Fleet To Retire In 2024

As the French aircraft manufacturer Airbus Group announced that its most prestigious Airbus A380 will be discontinued, Qatar Airways announced its plans for the Airbus A380, which is currently in service, to be gradually retired, and will be replaced by Boeing 777x. According to public information of Qatar Airways, the Airbus A380 in the airline’s fleet is not old, but due to the suspension of the Airbus Group, these former “King of the sky” had to face the fate of early retirement.

Qatar Airways A380 Livery
Picture From Qatar Airways

According to current Qatar Airways plans, the Airbus A380 will be in service until 2024 and will be fully replaced with the Boeing 777x.

Currently, Qatar Airways has a total of 10 Airbus A380s in service, the first Airbus A380 was delivered in 2014, and the last Airbus A380 was delivered in 2018.

Akbar Al Baker, the company’s chief executive, has stated that Qatar Airways has regulations that will force to retire once the aircraft has reached 10 years of service.

Qatar Airways A380 Lounge
Qatar Airways A380 Lounge

According to relevant regulations, we will let them complete the decommissioning. Once these vanishing planes complete the final formalities, they will disappear forever, as they have never appeared before, and will never appear in the secondary market.

Qatar Airways A380 First Class
Qatar Airways A380 First Class

Interestingly, the secondary market now determines the demand for many second-hand Airbus A380 passenger aircraft rentals, but unfortunately Qatar Airways does not seem to have much interest in this demand. In addition, industry insiders said that given that Singapore Airlines and Emirates currently have a large number of Airbus A380 fleets, once these passenger planes are retired into the secondary leasing market, it is bound to contribute to the saturation of the market, even if Qatar Airways is in accordance with the established plan in 2024. Beginning to gradually retire the Airbus A380, hances left to them will not be as much as they are now.

Qatar Airways A380 Business Class
Qatar Airways A380 Business Class

It is reported that Qatar Airways‘ Airbus A380 can carry up to 517 passengers, of which 8 can be used in the first class, 48 ​​in the business class, and 461 passengers in the economy class. In addition, Qatar Airways has a luxurious open plan suite in the first class, which is extremely luxurious.

Qatar Airways A380 Economy Class Seat
Qatar Airways A380 Economy Class

In the end, the Airbus A380 is a “big behemoth” that Qatar Airways is no longer needed. As they fly fewer and fewer flights, it is time to catch a flight on them before they finally retire.

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