Air Malta Achieved Profit For The First Time In 18 Years

Recently, Air Malta announced that Air Malta has finally achieved profit after 18 years of losses. Although the profit in 2018 is only 1.2 million euros, almost 10% of the loss in 2017, it is good news for the company.

The Minister of Tourism of Malta said, “This is a moment to be proud of. Air Malta is a Maltese airline. After a year-long loss by Air Malta, it has finally made a profit, reflecting the gradual improvement of Malta’s operations.”

Omar Bonello, Chief Financial Officer of Malta Airlines, said: “In the past year, we have implemented a new sales strategy, equipped with better telematics equipment, and achieved better operations for the fleet, and new contracts with our employees. The agreement to promote productivity has helped us achieve profitability.”

Air Malta currently has a fleet of eight aircraft made up of A-319s and A-320s, manufactured by Airbus.

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