Korean Air Opens New Routes To Boston And Asahikawa

Korea’s flagship airline, Korean Air, announced today that it will implement summer schedules from March 31, 2019 to October 26 and make adjustments to flight schedules, including launching new routes and increasing flight frequency on major routes with good performance. It also restores seasonal routes.

Among them, the launch of two new direct flights will effectively expand Korean Air’s international network. From April 12th, Korean Air will open regular inbound flights to Incheon-Boston. At the same time, on the basis of the combination of Korean Air flights and the strong routes of the joint venture partner Delta Air Lines in the United States, in order to provide passengers with better travel options, Korean Air’s flight from Incheon to Seattle will be changed to 4:40 pm.

In addition, starting from June 1, Korean Air will start the Incheon-Asahikawa direct flight five times a week. Located in the center of Hokkaido, Japan, Asahikawa is a popular tourist destination with picturesque scenery and cool climate.

Korean Air’s other Asian and European routes will also be adjusted. From March 31st, flights to the Incheon-Istanbul route will increase from 4 to 5 flights per week. The Incheon-Zagreb route, which sailed in September last year, has been operating three times a week. Korean Air will resume flights from Incheon to Irkutsk, Russia, from April 22, and resume flights to St. Petersburg from April 28. Although these routes are not operated in winter, they provide convenient flight options for leisure and business travellers to Russia during the summer.

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