Marriott Opens 7,000th Hotel Today – The St. Regis Hong Kong

Marriott International Group (NASDAQ: MAR) today announced the opening of its 7,000th hotel, the highly anticipated St. Regis Hong Kong. As a new landmark for luxury custom service, the 27-story St. Regis Hong Kong will bring guests a century-old butler service and a variety of styled restaurants. The opening of the St. Regis Hong Kong will become the successful example of a global expansion plan for Marriott International Group.

In 1957, Marriott International opened its four-story motel, the Twin Bridges Marriott, in Arlington, Virginia, USA, making it the first hotel in the group’s history.

“The development of Marriott International originated in a nine-seat root juice soda shop in 1927, and it was not until decades later that the first hotel in the group’s history was opened. Now we are opening the 7,000th hotel. Another exciting milestone in the company’s history,” said Arne Sorenson, President and CEO of Marriott International Group, “The St. Regis Hong Kong complements this award – it not only highlights our partnership with Starwood Hotels, the result of the merger also indicates the huge opportunities in the luxury hotel sector for the Asian market.”

“The St. Regis Hotel, which was invested and built by the China Resources Group in Hong Kong, was officially opened today. We are very pleased with this. The elegant design and decoration of the St. Regis Hong Kong will become the landmark building in Wanchai and the management of Marriott International Group. 7,000 hotels.” Dr. Fu Yuning, Chairman of China Resources Group, said, “We are very proud of the fact that we and the nearly 300 St. Regis staffs in Hong Kong will provide thoughtful and caring services to hotel guests.”

Today, Marriott International Group is preparing to increase the number of hotels under construction, among which the number of former Starwood Hotels Group brands such as St. Regis, Luxury Collection and W Brand is also growing.

“The St. Regis Hong Kong is our newly unveiled luxury hotel and a testament to our clear global growth strategy,” said Tony Capuano, executive vice president and global chief development officer of Marriott International Group. “With the inclusion of the former Starwood Group brand; Within the industry’s leading luxury hotel brand camp, and our close relationship with our owners, together with the company’s knowledge and experience in finding strategic opportunities in a global gateway market like Hong Kong, we are ready to expand the number of hotels worldwide in the next three years by 25%.”

Marriott International Group announced in March this year that it plans to add more than 1,700 hotels worldwide by the end of 2021, of which about 320 are located in the Asia Pacific region. According to data released by STR, the world’s leading hotel data service provider, by the end of 2018, Marriott International Group has opened a total of 1.69 million guest rooms and contracted hotels, 36% more than the nearest hotel group.

Marriott International expects the expansion plan to bring up to 150,000 jobs worldwide by the end of 2021. In the Asia Pacific region alone, the group will provide approximately 56,000 jobs.

“To achieve the goal of adding an estimated 1700 hotels, it will make it more important to attract and retain outstanding talents, and will continue to provide momentum for our subsequent success,” Marriott International Group’s Global Chief Human Resources Dr. David Rodriguez said. “Our hotels are more and more widely distributed, whether it is a bartender or a room cleaning staff, every employee will get more career choices and opportunities as they develop at Marriott International and its franchise hotels. For more than 90 years, we have been committed to building a ‘people-oriented’ corporate culture. As the company’s business continues to grow globally, this core value will always be at an important position.”

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