Delta Air Lines Reduces Cabin Seat Back Angle

The small space between the cabins of the aircraft cabin is cramped, and the front passengers lower the seat back and let the back of the chair tilt the flight experience of the rear passengers. Delta Air Lines has modified its passenger seat settings to reduce the reclining angle of each seat back.

CNN reported that Delta Air Lines has modified 62 Airbus A320 passenger seats since the 13th and plans to reduce the backrest angle of the seat back. After the modification, the top back and vertical position of the seat back was shortened from 10 cm to 5 cm, and the first class was shortened from 14 cm to 9 cm.

Delta Air Lines spokesperson Savannah Huddleston said it hopes to reduce the space behind the chair to improve the passenger experience and make it easier for them to do other things on board. As more and more passengers use personal computers on the plane, the back of the chair gradually becomes one of the reasons for the dispute between the front and rear passengers.

Hedelston said that Delta Air Lines has no intention of increasing the seat number on the existing basis or shortening the distance between the front and rear rows by reducing the back space of the chair. This is “completely to protect the passenger’s personal space and minimize the passengers’ interference due to other things during the flight.”

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