United Unveiled New Livery Today

Today, United Airlines is proud to release a new aircraft livery design, and the brand image will be a new experience for all passengers and employees.

The new modern livery design not only reflects United’s continuous innovation in brand building, but also perfectly demonstrates United’s 93 years of glorious history of serving passengers around the world.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz said:

“By continuously improving and enhancing the travel experience of passengers, we are changing people’s perceptions and feelings about United. As an airline, every service. Improvements are all innovations that have led us to further enhance or even redefine air passenger services. United’s brand image also focuses on this spirit. We adopt a new modern design to visual systems including the United Earth logo. The upgrade, a better interpretation of United’s brand image – while showing the brand value, also pointed out the direction for how to better serve the passengers.

The first highlight of United’s new livery design is a better representation of United’s iconic color blues in different shades – Rhapsody Blue, United Blue and Sky Blue throughout the entire painting design. This is a continuation of the United tradition and a more modern energy for the brand. United covers nearly 60 countries and 355 destinations. In order to showcase this vast route network, the new painting design retains the iconic earth logo on the rear wing, with a gradient of three different blue tones as the tail background.

Finished and presented the Earth logo in the sky blue part; the engine and wingtips are painted with United Blue; all models will be painted with the streamlined strips on the United Airlines Dreamliner, which are popular with passengers and employees. Use Rhapsody Blue to draw; the lower part of the fuselage will be painted as runway gray, the name of the United brand is also more prominently displayed on the fuselage; and, United’s mission of “connecting everyone, uniting the world” It will also be drawn near the door of each aircraft.

In addition, the new design not only uses the core color of the newly upgraded brand tone system last year – blue, but also enriches its color, not only enhances the visual impact, but also the sky seen by passengers and employees through the porthole during flight. The color echoes. United also added purple to the brand’s main color to represent the purple luxury economy seat that United is installing in each fleet. The blend of purple and blue also creates a more comfortable flight environment and a more relaxed travel experience for travelers. In addition, in the upgrade of the brand’s visual image, United has gradually weakened the main color of the brand that has been used for nearly 30 years. In addition to the new aircraft painting, the new uniforms of more than 70,000 first-line employees of United will also be designed with the new brand color.

The United Airlines fleet updated its body coating every 7 years, and the Boeing 737-800 will be the first to become the first “replacement” aircraft. Subsequently, narrow-body, wide-body and regional aircraft will also adopt a new painting design this year.

In 2019, United will continue to fulfill its commitment to passengers and operate more carefully to ensure that the best experience of passengers is at the heart of the service in all aspects. In addition to the content mentioned in this article, United recently announced that it has teamed up with luxury skincare brand Sunday Riley to create exclusive in-flight skincare kits for travelers around the world; launching a revolutionary app that will be the most downloaded app in the aviation industry; at the same time, United also will be upgrading the 30,000-seat chair back entertainment system on 211 aircraft, passengers can use DIRECTV to watch more than 100 TV channels for free.

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