Marriott’s Fairfield Opens 1000th Hotel In Denver, USA

The Fairfield by Marriott brand announced on April 26 that the 1000th hotel opened and became the second brand to reach this milestone after the group’s success. Fairfield Hotel has experienced rapid global growth in China, Japan, Mexico, India and the United States recently, and the opening of the Fairfield by Marriott in Denver North Tech Centre North has set a landmark milestone for the brand. Fairfield will continue its rapid growth and it is expected that by 2021, the brand will open more than 300 new hotels worldwide.

“Today, the Fairfield brand has a thousand hotels, which has strengthened our confidence to continue to enhance Fairfield’s strong brand appeal among franchisees and guests.” Marriott International Group’s North America lodging & long stay franchise Mr. Eric Jacobs, Chief Development Officer of the brand, said, “Fairfield Hotel is a very attractive brand for franchisees. At the same time, it can also seek warmth and comfort with those who travel anywhere, and travelers always like a stay experience that resonate.”

The Fairfield hotel brand is inspired by the Marriott family’s weekend resort, Fairfield Farms, which is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. In 1951, J.W. and Alice Marriott bought the farm and became a quiet glimpse of the couple’s busy work schedule. The calm and soothing feeling of mind and body also inspired Marriott to establish the Fairfield brand in 1987.

The Fairfield brand is expected to grow 36% in the United States in the next three years, accounting for the vast majority of brand-prepared hotels. Currently, there are more than 330 hotels under construction. Based on the market expansion strategy of Fairfield hotel brand, the brand will continue to penetrate the US market. Whether it is a big city like Manhattan in New York or a small town like Manhattan in Kansas, you will see the “picture” of Fairfield Hotel. In Canada, Fairfield Hotel is also expected to increase its market share by 50% in the next three years.

To further promote the growth of the Fairfield brand in its world’s largest market, North America, Fairfield will launch a new standard Fairfield hotel this fall to help franchisees “target” smaller markets that are not suitable for large-scale operations. Those hotels will be different from the existing 110 rooms, but will be reduced to 80. This move will make franchisees more competitive in the small market.

With the surge in the number of inbound tourists in Japan and the increasing popularity of third-tier cities, Fairfield hotel aims to open a new prefabricated hotel in the third-tier cities of Japan in 2020, and enter the Japanese market.

Fairfield hotel also showed continued expansion in other parts of Asia: In 2017, the Fairfield hotel in Nanning Nanhu Park opened, which also marked the brand’s first presence in China. In the same year, the world’s largest Fairfield hotel – Seoul Fairfield Hotel opened, followed by another Fairfield hotel also appeared in South Korea, and two other signing hotels have also been under construction. India is also a key growth area for the brand, with 14 hotels, including the recently opened Goan Anjuna Fairfield Hotel and another 8 hotels are under construction.

Fairfield hotel will also continue to expand its presence in the Caribbean and Latin America too. There are 13 Fairfield hotels in the area, and another 16 hotels are in preparation. By 2021, the Fairfield brand is expected to officially enter Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Chile, four new destinations in Central and South America.

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