How To Access SAS Lounges On Arrival

Many of us enjoy lounge access before our flight as it is one of the most important frequent flyers program’s benefits out there. Relaxing in an airline lounge truly makes the whole flying experience stand out. Without the hassle of swimming through pools of people and struggling to find a vacant seat while sitting on an empty stomach; too bad the majority of us can only use it pre-departure.

In general terms, with Star Alliance, you can access member airlines lounges with holding an outbound boarding pass with a member airline’s flight, that’s given by whether by your fare class (premium economy/business/first) or your airline frequent flyer program status (generally Star Alliance gold).

SAS Lounge Access By Fare Class
SAS Lounge Access By Fare Class

Scandinavian Airlines is one of the five founding members of the Star Alliance, while these days they are operating at the most competitive and price-sensitive commercial aviation market in the world. Their own frequent flyer program – EuroBonus, though might not be the most popular one out there, they do offer rather generous perks to its elite members.

For example, silver members can access SAS lounges on Saturdays and certain holidays. Their newly introduced high-speed wifi is free of charge for members who is Gold and above, while you have to pay for it even in Lufthansa business. For their most loyal Diamond members, when flying in SAS Go (economy), they can have drinks (even snacks sometimes) free of charge throughout the flight. These are some unique benefits which you don’t get with other airlines out there.

Unknown to many people, however, what used to be a written perk on its website has now become nowhere to be found, unless you were already elite members 10 years ago.

Yes, you can have access for SAS lounges in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm plus other Café lounges in Scandinavia with all arriving flights if you are holding Diamond status, while only possible to have access to it for long-haul flights arriving from US and Asia if you are a Gold member or Business class/SAS Plus passenger.

SAS Lounge Access By Status Card
SAS Lounge Access By Status Card

This also apply when you are traveling with a Star Alliance member airline on arrival if your SAS EuroBonus info is registered on the boarding pass.

How To Get Into The Lounge:

Well, you do not have to ask the staff to let you through, by simply scanning your boarding pass(with registered ffp info ofc), you and 1 guest (or up to 4 family members) can enjoy the lounge for a little longer for the day.

SAS lounges at their hubs in Oslo are exceptionally new, while their Copenhagen lounge has been renovated recently as well, all their lounges are kept to good standards which offer amenities like shower facilities, sometimes a gym, a spa, a private bedroom or even a barista who will handmake your coffee as you like.

My favorite has to be the mango flavour chai latte which so far they offered it exclusively at the Copenhagen SAS Gold Lounge. You may check out my review of their SAS Lounge + SAS Gold Lounge In Oslo and the new SAS Next Generation (Domestic) Lounge in Oslo.

Hope more of your Diamond members out there can utilise this “hidden” perk to your advantage and hope they can resolve this strike issue very soon.

Thanks for reading, remember to try out my favorite Mango Chai Latte next time you are in Copenhagen.

Stay tuned ! Peace.

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